How to Make CBD Oil at Home: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Ever wondered how to make CBD oil? If you have always fancied such idea, thank me later with the insights that I will be sharing in the rest of this post. It can be quite intimidating for some. Nonetheless, as long as you know the right steps that are involved, you can do it in a snap.
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With the growth in the applications and uses of CBD oil, it is no longer surprising that a lot of people would want to make it at home. Whether it is for cancer or for cooking, oil extracted from cannabis can deliver an abundance of benefits, which will also be discussed later.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Before anything else, let us start this post by discussing some of the benefits of CBD oil. Once you are aware of the things that it can do, you will have good reasons for making CBD oil on your own.

  • Pain Relief: This is perhaps the most popular benefit of using CBD oil. It is known as an analgesic, which makes it effective in minimizing the physical pain that is felt. If you are suffering from chronic pain conditions, such as in the case of fibromyalgia, CBD oil will be effective.
  • Fights Epilepsy: Probably, you have already watched videos online of kids experiencing seizures who have been calmed down after being given CBD oil. According to New England Journal of Medicine, CBD oil can be instrumental in the reduction of seizures by as much as 23%.
  • Reduction of Depression and Anxiety: Several studies in the past have also supported claims that CBD can aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety. In fact, it is a common alternative medicine of choice for obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder, among others.
  • Treatment of Nausea: For people who are suffering from nausea and always vomiting, CBD oil also holds a lot of promise.
  • Fights Cancer: If you go online and look at the benefits of marijuana, even CBD oil, you will see a lot of claims with regards to how it aids in fighting cancer cells. Even the American Cancer Society supports the claims that CBD oil can slow down the growth of cells that cause cancer.
  • Treatment of Skin Conditions: Eczema is one of the skin conditions that can be potentially treated with the use of CBD oil. It is believed to have Vitamin E, which promotes a healthier skin.
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health: Do you want to have a stronger heart? You will have another good reason to use CBD oil. It reduces blood pressure and blockages in the artery, which will contribute to your heart health.
  • Reduces Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory property of CBD oil is another thing that has been widely written about. Because of its ability to reduce inflammation, it is great for people who have arthritis, joint disorders, and multiple sclerosis.

Different Ways on How to Make CBD Oil

Now that we have established the benefits, let us go to the main part of the discussion. To make your own CBD oil, keep in mind the methods that will be mentioned below. Personal preferences, as well as the tools that are available, will dictate the method that will be right for you. Be sure to religiously follow the instructions to maximize the benefits of CBD in the oil that you will make.

Oil Method

With this method, there is a need to choose a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil. This is increasing in popularity because it allows the user to take advantage not only of the CBD that is extracted but also of the carrier oil that is going to be used.
Here is how you can make CBD oil through the oil method:

  1. With the use of a weed grinder, choose buds by bud trimmer, leaves, and stems of a high-quality cannabis plant. The quality of the cannabis that will be used will dictate the quality of the oil that will be produced. Before doing this, however, the parts of the cannabis have to go through a process known as decarboxylation. To do this, you have to bake the buds and leaves at a temperature of 220 degrees Fahrenheit for about 90 to 100 minutes.
  2. In a mason jar, mix the ground weed with the carrier oil of choice. For the purpose of this guide, we will make one with coconut oil. You have to saturate the weed with the oil. You can reduce the oil or add more depending on how potent you want the end product to be.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil. Place the lid of the mason jar and make sure to secure it in place. On the bottom of the pan, place a towel. Place the jar on the top and fill it with water until it reaches a temperature of at least 200 degrees. It will be good if you have a thermometer.
  4. Leave the pot for about three hours. From time to time, check the pot and see to it that the water has not evaporated. Turn off the stove after three hours and let it sit for another three hours. Heat it again for three hours, turn off the heat, and leave it for the night.
  5. The next morning, your CBD oil is ready. Strain it using a cheesecloth, squeeze, and your oil is ready to be used as you desire.

Alcohol Method

Also known as the ethanol method, it is another process that does not require special skills or advanced equipment, making it another good choice for beginners thinking of how to make CBD oil. Alcohol is preferred as an extracting agent because it does not leave an unpleasant taste or odor.

  1. Put the weed in a ceramic or glass bowl. Cover it with alcohol and stir for about 6 minutes. Use a wooden spoon to extract the resin.
  2. Place a straining bag or sieve to filter the solvent out of the container. Squeeze as much extract as possible. You can repeat the process if you think that you can still extract more oil from weed that you are squeezing.
  3. In a double boiler, pour the oil that you have earlier extracted. Heat it until bubbles start to form. Wait until the alcohol evaporates but do not raise the temperature. Wait until it simmers in about thirty minutes while making sure that the flame is low. Once the alcohol evaporates completely, mix it.
  4. Transfer the concentrated oil in a storage bottle. Be sure to keep the lid tight to avoid damaging its quality and effectiveness.

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The Different Ways to Use CBD Oil

Now that you have made you own CBD oil, the next concern would be how to use it. This is one thing that requires careful thought, which will be instrumental in its effectiveness.

  • Spray: This is one of the least preferred ways of consumption basically because of the low concentration of CBD oil. You can put the oil in a spray bottle. To use, spray one to three times on the mouth.
  • Vaping: The inhalation of CBD oil is one more thing that holds a lot of promise. Using a vape will also provide you with the opportunity to adjust the dosage of the CBD that gets into your body.
  • Tinctures: It is known for its purity, which is the reason why it is the most popular way of using CBD oil. All that you have to do is to apply a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue. This is popular as well for the quick absorption for optimal effects.
  • Concentrates: If you want a high dosage of CBD extract to be absorbed by the body, this is the method that you should choose. It is believed to be stronger by as much as ten times compared to other forms of using CBD oil.
  • Ingestion: The taste of CBD oil can be foul for some people. While you can consume it straight, it can also be used in the form of a capsule that contains CBD oil. With this, you will be able to swallow it without the burden of an unwanted taste.
  • Creams: You can also use CBD oil in the form of topical applications. Creams with CBD oil can be used in the treatment of various skin conditions and in providing immediate pain relief.
  • Edibles: If you have ever been in a place where weed is legal, you will see a lot of edibles, many of which use CBD oil as the main ingredient. From cookies to gummy bears, people have been creative in thinking of ways how to digest CBD oil.

Hemp vs Medical Marijuana: Where to Extract CBD Oil

It is also important to note that you can extract CBD oil from two main sources – hemp and medical marijuana. Depending on the source, there can be differences in the quality of the oil that will be extracted. The difference lies in the amount of the CBD and THC that will be present.
First, let us have a look at the difference between THC and CBD, even if the rest of this post is focused only on CBD oil. The best way to discuss the differences between one with THC from one without THC would be in terms of their effect. Basically, THC is the one that provides psychotropic effects. It is the one that makes you high. CBD does not give the same effect and is known for its medical benefits.
Between hemp and medical marijuana, the main difference lies in the concentration of CBD. Hemp is grown to have a high concentration of CBD. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, has a high level of THC. Hemp is a better material to extract oil because it is also used for other purposes, such as the production of paper. Oil is a by-product, which is why the oil is a result of recycling.

Home-made vs Professional-made CBD Oil

There are also key differences between a CBD oil that is made by an ordinary person and a professional. One of the biggest differences would perhaps be in the case of extraction. Homemade CBD oil is not as pure and strong as the one that is professional-made. The ingredients will also be different. If it is professional-made, the things used are of higher quality. The latter is also the reason why it is more expensive when compared to home-made CBD oil.

The Best Marijuana Strains to Use

If you are thinking of making your own CBD oil, you need to choose the right marijuana strain. This will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the oil that will be produced. Generally, you have to choose a marijuana that is high in CBD and low in THC. That being said, these are some of the best options to consider:

  • ACDC: This has the reputation of being the strain that will leave you feeling thunderstruck. It will provide a high euphoric feeling immediately right after use. It is popular for the treatment of anxiety, migraines, and inflammation.
  • Charlotte’s Web: This is regarded as the most popular marijuana strain in the world, which is why you can never go wrong with this. It is about 60% Indica. The CBD content can be as high as 20%. There is no high that can be produced. It is also common in food supplements.
  • Harle Tsu: This is a marijuana strain that is known for its pain relief. It can have up to 22% CBD and the THC can be lower than 1%. It is a mellow strain that will work effectively as a painkiller.
  • Harlequin: A strain that is Sativa dominant, it has a high level of CBD, although the THC level is also high. It has a soothing effect, which makes it effective for people who need to be calmed down.

Wrap Up

At this point, I hope that you have already learned how to make CBD oil the right way. There is no need to have experience or expertise. Even as a beginner, you can do so without difficulty. You can choose from oil or alcohol method. Regardless of which method you pick, you can be confident that it can be completed without the need to exert too much effort.

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  2. This is good advice for making cannabis tincture or oil for someone who wants all the goodies the plant has to offer. It is not good advice for someone who only wants CBD oil without the THC component. The ratio of CBD to THC in the final products will be the same ratio that there is in the weed itself. Also, while industrial hemp has a much higher CBD to THC ratio than nearly any strain of medicinal cannabis, it has a very low actual percentage of CBD, so using these methods to make “CBD oil” out of industrial hemp would be a waste of time.

    • You can buy cannabis seeds with high CBD and very low THC , I did and it works well . You will know because you do not get high at all , Medi haze was the one I tried

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    • You can extract CBD from Hemp plants as well as regular cannabis plants, the difference is that the hemp plant has different cannabinoids than the regular cannabis plant. (This is what people refer to as “full spectrum”)

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