Top 7 Best Trimmers Marijuana: What is preferred in Marijuana?

Wet Trimming vs Dry Trimming

Once you’ve done with harvesting, start the most critical phase that adds value to your harvested buds. Generally, value addition matters on the types of trimming., i.e., Dry trimming or wet trimming, and the procedure used while trimming Marijuana buds. Usually, a hand trim is a common practice if you’re growing one or two Marijuana Plants. A bowl trimmer is another option if you exceed the said number that could save your time that you spend with an individual bud.

The is no comparison of a bowl trimmer vs hand trim plants as it entirely your choice depending on the number of Marijuana Plants that you’re growing. Later in the article, we would like to add a bowl trimmer review along with hand trimmers and automatic trimmers. Either it is dry trimming or wet trimming, the purpose is improving the look of Marijuana buds, enhance smoking taste, increase potency, and avoid mold deposition if you’re growing in high humidity areas. Usually, the growers follow two methods to trim Marijuana buds by hand: dry and wet. An alternative is to use a machine or an automatic trimmer. The growers could prefer any prescribed method. But, they all could finish with what exactly they want.

Wet Trimming

Wet trimming involves separating sugar leaves from the flowers after they’ve harvested, immediately. The flowers still contain a lot of moisture, and their cutting with a scissor is easier. You could pick each branch and cut sugary leaves using a curved scissor. This trimming could result in pretty decent shaped buds that could be dried later by hanging them for 2-3 days.

Dry Trimming

The branches from the Marijuana plant are harvesting first, dried for 3-4 days, and sugar leaves cut from the Marijuana flower. Dry trimming is a bit difficult and trickiest assignment if you want to trim them with a scissor. However, bowl trimmers and electric trimmers are there to ease you out for the processing of dry Marijuana flowers.

We are adding reviews on the best hand trimmers, best bowl trimmers, and automatic trimmers. Overall, three trimmers are reviewed in the best hand trimmers category and three from the Bowl Trimmers category. We are also adding a review on one best electric trimmer. These reviews entirely based on the customer’s feedback and ratings, and responsiveness and services offered by the manufacturers of these trimmers on Amazon or other online selling platforms;

Top 3 Best Marijuana Manual Trimmer Reviews

#1 Fiskars-91095935J Steel Pruning Shears Bypass Pruner, 1

Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears is an ideal hand trim tool for clean cuts from Marijuana buds. It’s fully hardened with steel blades that stay sharp longer. Its material is corrosion-resistant with low-friction that makes cutting trimming jobs easier. The grip handle has a design to accommodate both right and left hand, and the self-cleaning groove avoids sticking. It is very durable due to the steel structure. Fiskars manufactures these trimmers globally, while this stat of art trimmer is made in China. To see more details about this trimmer and global customer’s review, this link would probably help;

#2 GROWNEER-3 Packs Pruning Shears with Curved Blades

GROWNEER is ideal for cut precisely while trimming and shaping Marijuana buds and especially for trimming sugar leaves from the rest of the flower. It allows gardeners to cut easily with one hand without spoiling the quality of the produce. Growers don’t feel any hand strains since the spring brings back the shears ready for trimming again. Moreover, with a rubber grip, you could go longer without feeling any discomfort. The Titanium coated blades are durable, sharp, and highly curved for the precise cutting of cutting sugar leaves in cannabis, especially if you’re growing a few numbers of plants. Moreover, its design allows growers to use either right or left hand while trimming Marijuana buds. This tool is also perfect for harvesting and trimming herbs and common hydroponic plants and flowers. A big advantage is the value for the money that you pay for 3-curved blade trimmers. See customer’s rating and reviews using this link;

#3 The Magic Trimmer – Handheld Bud Leaf Herb Precision Trimmer

The Magic Trimmer is the most precise yet automatic trimming tool for Marijuana buds. The growers only need attention to manure it over the canopy of the plants. It is still the fastest and safest tool to trim Marijuana buds and several other plants that grow in hydroponic culture. It is equally effective in both dry and wet trimming and comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts. This unit weighs slightly above 2 pounds, and growers could manure it easily across different surfaces. Moreover, safely built with the highest speed for effective and speedy trimming. Three additional blades come with the pack.

Replacements parts are easily available from the manufacture. It also trims flowers finely, and the debris will be on you if, don’t wear hand gloves. Be assured it is noisy as well. Here you connect to the customer’s support and reviews on amazon;

Top 3 Marijuana Bowl Trimmer Reviews

#4 iPower-GLTRIMBOWL19L-Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

iPower Bowl trimmer is capable of twisted Spin Cut for Marijuana Bud and Flower that consists of upgraded sharp gears. This exceptional Bowl trimming machine enables the growers to trim flowers very precisely to save them a lot of precious time. iPower installs all essential features to become a pro in the bowl trimmers industry with this superior unit which, contains 19 inches of diameter with a crystal dome. The dome is made with pure acrylic for seeing through the working of 24 strips of black rubber. They also install a removable handle and grille for storage and easy cleaning of the unit. The versatile sturdy blades could easily trim flowers, buds, and twigs. Overall, a single unit contains 30 trimming scissors in this dry trimmer to enhance its efficiency. It’s an excellent unit and Marijuana growers love it. See ratings and customer’s reviews by clicking this link;

#5 VIVOSUN-16-inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer- Clear Visibility Dome

It’s another clear visibility dome trimmer bit smaller in diameter than iPower. The VIVOSUN 16-inch Marijuana Bowl Trimmer is considered one of the best trimmers in the market at the moment. It is made up of stainless steel material that could go longer with you to prove your selection right. Its crystal clear dome again allows you to monitor what’s happening inside a bowl with the buds. The top of the dome contains a sturdy handle for easy grip to operate this unit. This trimmer also contains sharp stainless steel blades with serrated knives for wet trimming and X-blades for dry trimming. Overall, one cutter enables 30 scissors to trim simultaneously. The product comes with 2-years of limited warranty. What buyers say about the performance of this unit, this link would tell you;

#6 VIVOSUN-19-inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer with Clear Visibility Dome

VIVOSUN-19 Bud Leaf trimmers contain a big bowl than VIVOSUN-16 that we already discussed and built with the same materials and precision for accurate trimming of Marijuana bud. It also contains separate blades for both wet and dry cutting. One cutter contains 30-scissors for an efficient and clean cutting experience. The gearbox is solid, in this large unit, and while you could rotate in both directions using this gearbox for complete trimming of buds. Overall the package includes 1-leaf trimmer, 1-stainless steel straight blade, 1-stainless steel serrated blade, and 2- X- blades, including one-hand pruning shear and instruction manual. The warranty is again 2 Years for this durable unit. How confident VIVOSUN users are, click this link to see their reviews and rating on amazon;

Top Electric Bud Leaf Trimmer Review

#7 Risentek-Electric Bud Leaf Trimmer

Risenteck is a time-saving machine that is a highly efficient electric trimmer with stainless steel cylinder and a large mesh bag. It’s for commercial purposes and could help you to trim 2 pounds of buds in an hour. It features a rotor speed of up to 70 revolutions per minute in both reverse and forward directions that are compatible with wet and dry trimming of flowers and buds. Also, it features a gate for easy emptying out of trimmed flowers. You could well imagine its performance from one of the reviewers and a verified purchaser from amazon;

Top 5 Best 420 Microscope (2021 Reviews)

There are different types of marijuana growers. Some are only casual or recreational, trying their hand in cultivation. Others are more serious. They do it not only as a hobby but also as a business. If you belong to the latter, you will need to have the best 420 microscope. A weed microscope is a valuable tool when it comes to analyzing the quality of the buds.
The right microscope can be handy in ways more than one, such as in terms of assessing the impurities that are also present and in determining the potency of the marijuana. These benefits, however, can only be realized if you pick the right product, which is exactly why we have written this quick guide – to help you become a well-informed buyer.

Different Types of Magnification Devices

Before we proceed, let us a have a look at the different devices that can be used to have a magnified view of marijuana.

Handheld Magnifier

It is also often called a pocket microscope. The magnification range is usually 20 to 120 times. There are also many models that are equipped with a light for better illumination. However, because you hold it with your hand, using it can sometimes be difficult.

Jeweler’s Loupe

This small device is often used for examining jewelry, such as the quality of diamonds. The magnification of this device is usually from 10 to 60 times. The magnification is lower compared to the other alternatives. If you are a casual grower, however, this will be enough.

Regular Microscope

This is the microscope that most of you have in mind, the type that you can find in a laboratory. This can be quite complicated to use for beginners, which is why you should choose a model that comes with a simple design.

Digital Microscope

If you are looking for an advanced microscope, this should be on the top of the list. It is sleek and compact. It offers a USB connection that can be linked to a compatible device where you can see a bigger picture of the marijuana compared to what you can see from the viewfinder.

Why You Should Use a 420 Microscope

To assess the overall quality of the marijuana – this is one of the main uses of a 420 microscope. This is an important tool for quality assessment, especially if the marijuana is going to be used for medical purposes. It makes it easy to detect the impurities that are possibly present in the marijuana before it is used.
To be more specific, a microscope is used to examine the trichomes in marijuana. Simply put, the trichomes are hair-like crystals, which are also known as resin glands. They are the ones that are responsible for the production of THC. If the trichomes are clear, this means that the marijuana is not yet ready for harvest. If they are cloudy, this means that the marijuana is already at its peak. If the trichomes are amber, this means that the plant is just starting to develop.

How to Choose the Best Marijuana Microscope

To help you come up with the right pick, here are some of the things that should be taken into consideration:

  • Magnification: It is important to have excellent magnification capabilities, which will allow you to have a closer look at what the eyes could not normally see.
  • Clarity: As the microscope magnifies your view of the marijuana, it is also important that the view remains clear.
  • Illumination: Especially in the case of the advanced models, they have built-in LED lights, which are great for providing illumination to the marijuana.
  • Durability: See to it as well that it is made of durable materials that can resist wear and tear, making it offer the best value for the money.
  • Ease of Use: Some of the features that will make the microscope user-friendly include being sleek and lightweight.

Best Microscope for Viewing Trichomes

#1 Editor’s Choice: Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Pocket Microscope Review

#2 AmScope M150C-I all-Metal Optical Glass Microscope Review

This is a student biological microscope that can also prove to be an excellent choice for marijuana enthusiasts. From the products that are mentioned in this post, this is the only one that is a full-sized microscope. Nonetheless, there is still no need to worry as it is still fairly easy to use, basically because it is made with the needs of students in mind.
One thing that makes this great for viewing trichomes is the 360-degree swivel head, which can also be positioned at an inclined angle of 45 degrees. You will be able to see to trichomes precisely at such a position, made even better by the fact that there is a built-in illumination. The optical system is also fully-coated, minimizing the likelihood that your view will end up being blurred.
In terms of durability, you can be confident that this microscope will be equally impressive. It has a solid metal frame that comes with a scratch-resistant finish. The mechanical components, meanwhile, boast of all-metal construction. Plus, for your peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

Best Scope for Trichomes

#3 SE MW10087L Mini 16x Microscope with Illuminator Review

Even seasoned marijuana enthusiasts swear that this is an excellent choice for a scope that can be used for viewing the trichomes in marijuana. Despite the small size, the depth of field and the field of view are pretty much awesome. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to bring with you even when you have to use it outside of the house.
This innovative pocket microscope has impressive technical features. On the top of the list is the 16 times magnification, making it effortless to see the small entities in the marijuana that the naked eye cannot see. There are also two bright LEDs, which will come handy if you need additional illumination.
The microscope is powered by 3 AG7 batteries, which are already included as a part of the kit you will purchase.
As a bonus, the scope also comes with a handy pouch, which will also be great to protect it from dirt and dust that can negatively affect its functionality.

Best Loupe for Trichomes

#4 Dreame LED Lighted Jewelers Eye Loupe Review

If a microscope is too big and advanced for you, this loupe can prove to be the perfect alternative. It is pocket-sized, which also makes it great if you are thinking of portability. One of the best features of this mini magnifying glass is the white LED lighting, which mimics the natural sunlight. This will provide you with a better view of the marijuana that is being examined.
This loupe is also great because of its user-friendly design. This is not one of those complicated microscopes that you see in a science laboratory. All that you have to do is to pull out the viewer and place it on the top of the cannabis to start viewing. No more need to make complicated adjustments!
The loupe comes with a dual lens. The primary lens is 30x22mm and the secondary lens is 60x12mm, providing you with the freedom to choose which one is more suitable for your need.

Best Digital Microscope for Trichomes

#5 Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope Review

This is an upgraded and simpler version of the classic microscope. It is more compact and simpler to use, making it a great investment for marijuana enthusiasts. As it is digital, the highlight of this product is its USB connectivity. You can have it connected to a compatible software.
Equipped with a resolution of 2 megapixels, you will be able to easily see what makes up the marijuana. To add, it has up to 250 times magnification. Another innovative feature in this digital microscope is the capacitive capture button. The latter allows you to capture an image using the capacitive touch button instead of a physical button. There is also a built-in light for an illumination and a stand that can be adjusted depending on how near you want the microscope to be in your weed.

Best Magnifying Glass for Trichomes

#5 Fancii LED Pocket Magnifying Glass Review

Portable and reliable – these are two of the things that you can expect from this magnifying glass, which can be a handy tool for any marijuana enthusiast. It offers 10x, 20x, and 30x magnification, making sure that you will be able to have a clear vision of what your cannabis is made of. To make it even better, there is a built-in light.
In terms of clarity of the view, you will also find this to be exceptional. It offers a distortion-free view.
It is also discreet. It weighs only 1.6 ounces, making it easy to keep on the pocket. Plus, the magnifying glass slides out. There is even a carrying sleeve made of leather to keep it hidden from sight while also protecting from dirt.
You can purchase this magnifying glass risk-free. If you are unhappy in any way, you can return it to the manufacturer and they will issue an unconditional refund.

Wrap Up

Indeed, a 420 microscope, even in the form of a loupe or a magnifying glass, is essential for marijuana enthusiasts. It gives a better view of what cannot be seen by the naked eye. You can easily evaluate the quality and composition of the marijuana, especially its trichomes.

Top 7 Best Bud Trimming Scissors (2021 Reviews)

Growing marijuana requires patience. From the time the seeds are planted until the buds are harvested, more than patience, you need to have the right tools. When it is time to cut the weed, you must use only the best bud trimming scissors. Otherwise, there is a risk of contaminating the plant while also negatively affecting the overall quality of the cannabis.
What are the best trimming scissors for marijuana? If you are itching to find out, read on and we will extend a helping hand. We will look at some of the top options that are available on the market, as well as some of the reasons why they are exceptional. Despite the abundance of the trimmers available, there should be no excuse to be careless about the decision on what to buy.

Top 7 Best Bud Trimming Scissors 2021 on Amazon

#1 (Editor’s Choice)VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear

– Titanium Coated Curved Precision Blades (1-Pack Curved Blade)
– Best Trim Scissors Cannabis
– 620+ reviews

#2 (Best Micro-Tip Scissors) Fiskars Non-Stick Soft-Grip Micro-Tip

If you want to make precise cuts without spending too much time, this is a great product to consider. The spring mechanism will allow it to cut smoother while also being able to significantly reduce fatigue. The non-slip grip is also a plus, allowing you to work continuously without easily complaining of discomfort.
To make it great for trimming marijuana, one feature that you will appreciate is the non-stick coating on the blades. More than protecting it from rust and corrosion, this also helps to maintain the sharpness of the blade despite the sticky residue from the buds or leaves.
As a show of their belief in the quality of their product, the manufacturer takes pride in offering a full lifetime warranty.

#3 (Best Pruning Shears) Fiskars All-Steel

Breaking down the marijuana into smaller components will be a lot easier with the use of this pruning shear. One of the best features of this product is the easy-open lock, which will be great in terms of making it easy to store and transport.
Construction-wise, you will also find this impressive. It has a bypass blade design that allows you to snip in an instant. The blade also comes with an all-steel construction and a non-stick coating that minimizes friction when cutting, which is one of the reasons why the blade can withstand the test of time. It is also worth noting that it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
The quality of the cuts with the use of this product will be exceptional. They are clean and the blades are sharp. There will be no need for a second snip because you can cut it right from the first time.

#4 (Best Professional Pruning Shears) Gonicc 8-inch Professional

If you are looking for a professional hand pruner that will make it easy to trim marijuana buds, this is one option that should be on the top of your list. Among others, the highlight of this product would be the blades. The latter has the innovative Ultra-Fine Polishing Technology, which makes it long-lasting. This is complemented by the Teflon and titanium coating, allowing it to resist external elements that could speed up wear and tear. This keeps it sharp through the years.
The handle, meanwhile, is made of aluminum with PVC wrapping. The wrap makes it cause less friction, allowing it to provide a high level of comfort. Even when pruning for an extended period, you won’t easily complain of fatigue. Aside from being ergonomic, the handles are also non-slip.
According to many of its users, whether you are right or left-handed, there is nothing to worry about comfort.

#5 (Best Curved Blade Trimming Scissors) Grow1 Titanium Coated

Its curved cutting blade will deliver an excellent job in trimming marijuana, especially because it is made of a combination of titanium and stainless steel. This makes the micro-blade great when cutting at a curved angle, providing an assurance that you do not have to cut several times.
When you are not using the scissors, it comes with a lock that keeps the handle together. This is also a great way to keep it safe from children and to make it space-efficient and portable.
Similar to most of the bud trimming scissors, it is designed with an ergonomic handle. It comes with a thick wrap that will make you feel comfortable when you are cutting. Your comfort can also be attributed to the spring mechanism.
Because of the curved blade, you can enjoy better precision when you are cutting marijuana buds. Your cuts will also end up being clean because of the sharpness of the blade.

#6 (Best Straight Blade Trimming Scissors) Happy Hydro Non-Stick

Regardless of which part of the marijuana needs to be trimmed, this is one product that can prove to be useful. The straight blade is coated with Teflon, which is great in terms of making it non-sticky. Resin from cannabis can make the blades dull and sticky, but with such a coating, this is not a thing that you have to worry about.
Your comfort is also going to be a sure thing with the use of this straight-blade scissors. It is designed with the needs of users in mind, especially because it comes with a comfort grip handle. It effectively absorbs shock and it also has a slightly contoured shape to minimize fatigue if you have to snip for a long time.
The built-in safety lock is another nice feature. This keeps the scissors closed until you are ready to cut. This also makes it space-efficient. It will be ready to work only when you are ready to cut.
Lastly, it is fitted with a gentle spring mechanism. This allows it to cut smoother while also prioritizing your comfort.

#7 (Best Scissor Cleaner) Scissor Fix 6/Cs Review

Through the years, your bud trimmers can be exposed to external elements that could damage its functionality. The sharpness, among others, will be a problem. With the use of this cleaner, on the other hand, there will be no need for you to worry. It provides a quick way to restore the sharpness of the blades, making them look and feel as good as new.
It works fast and without the need to exert too much effort on your end. The cleaner is like a sponge. All that you have to do is to dip the blade end of the scissors. From there, it works like magic to remove the gunk from marijuana resins, restoring the blades. According to those who have used it in the past, it performs a better cleaning job compared to isopropyl alcohol. The best thing is that your hands will stay completely clean. There is also no need to rinse the scissor after it is cleaned.

The Importance of Trimming Marijuana

Come harvest time, you will realize how important bud trimmers and scissors are. They will help you to take off the bud properly. Among others, it is important for making the leaves smooth and attractive. If the leaves are more pronounced compared to the buds, you will feel that when you smoke. Your lungs will hurt and the overall experience will be unpleasant. If you trim it properly, on the other hand, the overall quality of your yield will be improved significantly.
Trimming will also help when it comes to the THC concentration. There is a right way to cut the marijuana and to trim the leaves if you want the weed to be more potent as it is used.
Especially if you are in the world of marijuana cultivation as a business, you need to prioritize the appearance of the marijuana. You can increase its selling value if it appears clean. This is another aspect where the importance of trimming the weed can be realized.
Through trimming, you will be able to get rid of the parts of the plant that are insignificant. A good example of this would be the sugar leaves. They do not have a huge concentration of trichomes. When you trim these leaves, you are exposing parts of the bud with a potent concentration of trichomes.

Methods of Trimming Marijuana

Aside from knowing the right bud trimming scissors to use, every marijuana enthusiast should also be familiar with the two types of trimming and their repercussions on the overall quality of the cannabis.

#1 Wet Trimming

This is the type of trimming that is immediately performed once the marijuana has been cut when it is still wet. For beginners, this is an easy and practical choice. The position of the parts that will be removed is strategic, making the trimming require lesser effort on your end. Ordinary scissors will be more than enough for this task.

#2 Dry Trimming

This trimming, on the other hand, is done after hanging and drying the cannabis. It is a slow and difficult process when done manually. Fortunately, there are now automated and electric trimmers that could save the day. The leaves are stuck on the flowers, which will make the task more difficult. This method tends to be less sticky, which will be easier for the scissors.

The Right Time to Trim Marijuana

Determining when to trim the plant is not rocket science. To be able to know if the timing is right, you will need to have a weed microscope or even just a magnifying glass. You have to look at the buds and monitor the appearance of the trichomes to determine if it is now the time to trim. The trichomes will be milky in appearance and will have an amber hue to determine if the plant is already mature. If more than 50% of the trichomes are amber, this is a good indication that the plant is now ready for trimming.

How to Trim Marijuana Like a Pro

Even if you have a top-rated bud trimming scissors, if you do not know how to use it the right way, it will end up being useless. That being said, here are the simple steps that you have to follow.

  1. Prepare the work area and all the things that you will need for the trimming. Look for a place that is well-lit and ventilated so that you will feel comfortable. This is important to be able to closely examine the weed as it is trimmed to ensure its highest quality. Wash your hands and wear a pair of new gloves. Get the scissors ready and make sure it is clean.
  2. Cut a branch from the plant. If the plant is too thick and large, regular scissors will not be enough. You will need pruning shears.
  3. Now that the branch has been cut, start removing the fan leaves by hand. They have long stems, so removing them will not be a hard task.
  4. After removing the fan leaves, take off the sugar leaves. These are the leaves that grow straight from the buds. Most of the time, they are too short and cannot be taken off by hand, which is why you have to use your scissors.
  5. Throw the other parts of the plant that will no longer be used. Collect those that are in the gloves or those that might have fallen in the work area as they can be potent. They can be used for smoking or vaping.
  6. Leave the buds and hang the branches until it dries and ready to be used as desired.

Still with regards to the right way of trimming marijuana, there are debates with regards to which one is better – hand-trimming or machine-trimming? If you only have to deal with a small batch, hand-trimming is recommended. This is because you are able to provide more attention to the task. On the other hand, if you have a large-scale operation and if you have to trim a lot, the practical choice is to use a machine trimmer to make the task more efficient.

Wrap Up

The best bud trimming scissors will be instrumental in making sure of the quality of your marijuana. They must be able to snip from the first cut. The blade should be sharp. It must withstand the test of time. If you are looking for scissors with these qualities, go back to our list, and for sure, you will end up making the right decision.

Wet Trim vs Dry Trim: Which is Better?

The harvesting period is a very important time for any grower as you have patiently tended your plants and now this is when you reap your rewards. But what is the best method of trimming your leaves once the plant is harvested? There are differences in opinion in the cannabis growing world as to which method works best – wet trimming or dry trimming. Here we explain a bit more about each of these methods, and their pros and cons.

Wet trimming is better for:

  • Beginners to growing as it is easier to get it right
  • Avoiding mold
  • Prettier buds

Dry trimming is better for:

  • Flavor and aroma
  • Allowing your buds and leaves to dry out at their own pace
  • Shortening the cure time

What is the difference between wet trimming and dry trimming?

To start off let’s look at the differences between wet trimming and dry trimming. Wet trimming is the art of removing the leaves from your plants as soon as they are harvested (so when the leaves are still ‘wet’) and is a popular method amongst growers. Dry trimming, on the other hand, requires a little more patience. With this technique, the cannabis plants are dried out first and then the leaves are trimmed from the plant afterward.

What are the pros and cons of wet trimming?

Wet trimming is the recommended method for those that are beginners to growing as it easier than dry trimming, so this could be the right method for you if you are just starting out. There are a few reasons that it is more straightforward – the leaves are easier to get to when wet whereas when they are dry they can get stuck to the flowers, this makes the process not only easier but also faster.
Another benefit of wet trimming is that you won’t be faced with moldy buds which can occur if left to dry out with the leaves still attached. This is more likely to occur if you live in an area with high humidity so it is worth considering wet trimming if that refers to you.
With wet trimming, your buds will also be a little prettier. However, one of the cons of wet trimming is that your flowers won’t be as full of flavor as they would be following dry trimming.

What are the pros and cons of dry trimming?

Dry trimming is a far more laborious and time-consuming process. It requires a lot of patience to remove the leaves once they are dry as they become more scrunched up and attach themselves to your buds. Therefore, it takes a lot longer to remove the leaves and requires many hands if you have a big crop.
Another downside of dry trimming is that there is a higher likelihood that mold will develop between the flowers and the stalk. Dry trimming also requires the right environment – you need to have the right space to be able to hand your plants, that is also at a comfortable temperature for them.
However, many growers believe that the process is worth it as it gives the weed a more pleasant taste and aroma as the buds haven’t dried out too fast and most of the chlorophyll will have gone from your plants.

What tools do I need for trimming cannabis?

Regardless of whether you choose the wet trimming or dry trimming method you will need to get your hands on some equipment to be able to successfully trim your plants. Obviously you will be needing some trimming scissors (check out our reviews below for some of the best on the market) but there are also a few other necessities such as a tray to keep your leaves in, gloves, cleaning fluid for your scissors, and something to dry out your leaves and buds on such as a string line or a specific drying rack. Make sure you are well equipped with everything you need before you start trimming as this is a very important part of the harvesting process.

#1 Best Trimming Scissors with a Curved Blade: Hydrofarm HGPP400C

This pruner from Hydrofarm is a great all-rounder. It is perfect for trimming your buds thanks to their curved titanium blades and ergonomic design. They are also perfect for trimming your leaves and small stems so whether you go for wet trim or dry trim these will be a great choice for precision trimming.
These pruners are also incredibly comfortable to hold (whether you are left handed or right handed) due to the comfort lock which reduces the strain on your hand whilst trimming. Their lightweight design also adds to your comfort. What’s more, they come included with a holster so you can keep these safely attached to your belt when you’re having a break.
#Bud_pruner #Wet_trim #Dry_trim #Trimming #Bud_trimming_scissors

#2 Best Trimming Scissors for Comfort: Fiskars Non-Stick Softgrip

For ultimate comfort then look no further than these trimming scissors from Fiskars. These are very well regarded in the growing world thanks to their ease of use, their comfort and their ability to precisely cut buds and small leaves off cannabis plants. With these trimming scissors in your hand, you can trim your leaves with ease whether it be a wet or dry trim you are doing.
Part of the reason they are so comfortable to use is the natural spring action which re-opens the blades after each trim which serves to reduce hand fatigue. These trimmers also have Softgrip handles which further assures your comfort and gives you good control. This product is also built to last – with stainless steel blades these trimmers will stay sharp for a long time even if you are using them frequently.
#Bud_pruner #Wet_trim #Dry_trim #Trimming #Precision_trimming #Non_stick #Stainless_steel

#3 Best Bud Trimming Scissors: VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner

These precision trimmers from VIVOSUN are super sharp as well as being long and narrow which makes trimming your cannabis leaves accurate and productive. You can make quick work with these trimmers so are ideal if you have opted for a wet trim and need to get those leaves off as fast as possible.
Fitted with a spring-action the blades will re-open after you make a cut so that you don’t have to – this helps to reduce hand fatigue and will ensure you are able to power on with your trimming. Other additions for your comfort are the soft grip rubber handles and lightweight design. They also have a safety latch fitted so these sharp blades can be kept closed when not in use. A great addition to your cannabis toolkit.

#4 Best Value Trimming Scissors: HFS Softgrip Micro-Tip

If you are on a budget then these trimmers from HFS are a good value option for trimming your cannabis plants. They have strong, sharp stainless steel blades which are ideal for getting at hard to reach places and will assist you in precisely trimming your leaves. The blades will also keep their sharpness for a long time.
Your comfort has also been carefully considered with these trimmers. The blades will re-open after each cut to save your hand from repetitive strain and the contoured soft-grip handle will give you a comfortable and firm grip on these trimmers. For quick and precise cuts then these trimmers are a great option for the price – they will certainly get the job done.
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#5 Best Bowl Leaf Trimmer: iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer

Here we have something a little different – a state of the art leaf trimmer which has the power of 30 pairs of scissors in one unit. It works with just the turn of a handle – place your untrimmed plants on the grill and turn for 15 to 30 rounds and it will trim your buds and leaves for you. Many growers have been amazed at how much time and energy this product can save you while still giving perfectly trimmed leaves and buds.
The clear plastic top means that you can see what is going on inside, so can keep a close eye on your plants. All the parts are removable which is great for storage and for cleaning. This product is particularly great if you have a lot of plants or have opted for a dry trim which is difficult when doing by hand. Don’t be put off by the price – this is a great investment.
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The debate over wet trimming and dry trimming will continue in the growing world for years to come so really you need to decide what is the best option for you. If you are a beginner to growing it is a good idea to try out a wet trim first as this is easier and faster than dry trimming. Many growers opt for dry trimming as they love the flavor it gives to their harvest, and are willing to put in the extra effort for this. Whatever you decide, make sure you get some good quality trimming scissors to make the job a more pleasant and productive process.

Male vs Female Cannabis Difference: What to do with male cannabis

These days it is easy to buy feminized seeds so that you can be sure 100% of the seeds you plant will produce female plants (which produce buds) rather than male plants (which produce pollen). However, if you are interested in cultivating weed that you can personally bread to improve its potency, flavor, resin production or yields, then male plants still have a lot to bring to the table. Here we explore how to spot the genders and the merits both have to offer weed cultivation.
To help you out, here are the best seed bank that work in any country.

Female seeds are best for…

  • THC, CBN & CBD – all the major reasons most people grow their weed
  • People growing cannabis for medical use
  • Beginners, or people who just want to ensure every plant produces buds

Male seeds are best for…

  • People with an interest in breeding their own strains
  • People who think utopias are important (ie. people who want to use breeding to make something great even better)
  • Connoisseurs and enthusiasts with a good understanding of the growing process

How can you tell a male vs female cannabis plant?

If you are using mixed seeds you will actually only be able to tell if your plant is male or female once the ‘vegetative’ stage is complete and the ‘flowering’ stage has begun. This varies with different strains, but usually, you’ll see tell-tale pre-flowers when your plant is about 6 weeks old.
Male pre-flowers have a shape similar to that of the Spade on the playing card, whereas female pre-flowers are longer and shaped like a flickering flame. If you’re not confident about your diagnosis, you can easily tell once you’ve switched the light schedule to 12-12 and flowering has really begun in earnest as the male plants produce pollen sacs, whereas the females will reveal little white hairs, or ‘pistils’.
Female plants will reveal themselves more slowly than their male counterparts, but you can be sure you’ve got a female plant if wispy white hairs are forming close to where branches connect to the stem. Male plants will produce green shoots in the same area before the tell-tale pollen balls develop. However, one issue that makes things a little bit more complicated is the fact that all cannabis plants can potentially be hermaphrodites.

How can I spot a hermaphrodite cannabis plant?

One complication with even feminized seeds is that weed plants are not gender neutral and can turn hermaphrodite (both male and female) when under stress. This means if you don’t learn how to spot a hermaphrodite as well, you could see all your plants contaminated when one of its pollen sacks bursts. You can spot one as it will have produced both flower types. If you find seeds in any of your buds, you’ll also know you’ve got a hermaphrodite plant.

What causes cannabis plants to become hermaphrodites?

Whilst most feminized seeds will not turn hermaphrodite, it is possible if you put your plant in stressful situations and is more common with smaller setups. The main causes will be: excess heat (above 86 degrees Fahrenheit) which can be an unwanted by-product from cheap lighting setups; too many lumens per square meter (should be no more than 40,000); too much red light, and; not enough watering.

What are female cannabis seeds good for?

Ultimately, female seeds provide the fruit that is the main reason anyone is going to be growing cannabis since it is them that provide the buds packed with THC and other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN. So if you are growing weed for medical use, or just growing it because you love to get high, then you’re going to want to ensure as much of your time and effort goes into raising female plants as much as possible.

What are male cannabis seeds good for?

Having read what female seeds are good for, many people will think “What’s the point in male seeds” and only ever opting to buy feminized seeds and treating them with tender love and affection. However, if you don’t delve into it any further you might just find you’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water as male plants can be of great interest to true cannabis enthusiasts and more advanced growers who may wish to give birth to very own cannabis baby.
With male seeds, growers are able to just growing the same weed derived from clones or purchased seeds and can, in fact, grow your own strains. If that doesn’t excite you enough, maybe knowing that male plants could allow you to create more resinous plants would, or that you could make more flavorsome buds or bigger yields with a better high for your tastes will turn your head? Male seeds are much maligned, but they have a lot to offer to those who want to be able to breed weed tailored to their own refined experiences.

#1 Best Value Male Seeds: Double Kush Regular Seeds

Unlike with female seeds, most retailers don’t usually sell single-sex male seeds. However, since 50% of non-feminized seeds should be male, this regular pack should in all probability provide you with at least 2 male seeds to get you started with breeding your own tasty, high yielding strain. These seeds produce a plant great for bringing higher yields to other strains that you might want to breed.
The major pros of these seeds are that: they produce 550 grams per square meter; they produce flavorsome weed; they often strong pain relief, and; they don’t need to grow too big to bring you their high yields. One of the cons of this set of seeds is that the pack is small and with only 5 seeds you can’t guarantee you’ll get a male. They also take up to 10 weeks to flower, but the beauty of breeding your own is that you can cross it with a short flowering seed to bring that grow time down.
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#2 Best Strain Pack Male Cannabis Seeds: Super Strong Pack

As with the above seed packet, these seeds cannot be guaranteed to contain male seeds. However, with this multi-pack, you’re almost certain to get some as you get a whopping 30 seeds for your money. Not only that but you get 3 different strains to play with, all offering strong weed with high THC content but plenty of differences that would be interesting in combinations you yourself can bring to the table.
The major pros of this pack are that: you get so many seeds; you get a variety of strains, perfect for getting you started breeding your own, and; they are all strong strains! The well known white widow brings 20% THC to the mixer, whilst the Crystal is covered in crystals and sticky buds and the Ice seeds are packed with skunky citrus flavors. The downside of this variety pack is perhaps that they are all such strong strains with a heavy stone.
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#3 Best Autoflowering Female Cannabis Seeds: Lambs Breath Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

If breeding is not your thing and just want a set of guaranteed female seeds that will get you high of your product quickly, then this tasty auto-flowering “Lamb’s Breath” will treat you right. This is an easy-grow as you don’t even have to worry about changing the light schedule of these feminized seeds that will be ready for harvest from as little as 7 weeks.
The major pros of these seeds are that: they are easy and quick to grow; they are high in THC content and have a decent CBD content too, and; they are suitable for indoor and outdoor grows. However, on the downside, they don’t have particularly high yields so you’ll need to grow a fair few plants if you love the cerebral and energetic high you get from this plant’s bud.
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#4 Best Feminized Seeds for CBD: CB Dutch Treat Feminized CBD Marijuana Seeds

If you’re after a weed plant with a super high CBD content to help ease anxiety, seizures and/or provide pain relief, then these seeds are hard to beat. If you love the flavor or the sensations this weed produces then they’re also a great choice to breed with strains that grow quickly as you’ll be able to enjoy the 500 grams of bud you get per square meter sooner. The low THC content might also incline you to breed these seeds with stronger strains.
The major pros of this weed are that: if you are using the weed for medical reasons, and you don’t want to get stoned, you’ll get the anxiety and pain relief without getting high; you won’t find many strains with a higher CBD content, and the CBN content is decent too, and; you get good yields. The downside of these seeds is that the THC content is low and they are relatively slow to flower.
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It’s clear that female seeds are where it is at when it comes to growing the buds that will bring you the most pleasure. However, if you get into growing and want to design your own strain that will give you the perfect high for your needs, then male seeds still bring a lot to the table as they give you a level of adaptive control that cloning just cannot achieve.

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