Our History

Mr. John Brewster migrated across the country from Illinois to California in 1852.  He first resided in Placerville and then moved to Galt in 1869 when it was found.  Mr. Brewster was Galt’s first Postmaster.

In 1882, Mr. John Brewster hired William W. Hamilton to design and build the Brewster Building.mmOnce built, the J. Brewster & Company sold dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hardware, groceries, crockery, lumber, insurance, farm implements, and managed a grain warehouse.

In the late 1800’s, Galt suffered through four years of poor harvest and low agriculture price.  These factors forced Mr. Brewster to file for bankruptcy in June of 1889.

James and Mary Bethel bought the building at an auction and then rented it back to Mr. Brewster as the economy got better.

After her husband died in December of 1902, Mary Bethel sold the building to Samuel Wriston for $100.  Samuel Wriston was a wealthy farmer and a member of the International Order of Odd Fellows.

In April of 1903, Wriston sold the building for $1 to the local Oddfellows Hall and Cemetery Associations.  They used the second floor for their meetings and events.

Mr. Brewster died in 1905 and the building became known as the International Order of Odd Fellows Hall.  Local famers, the Sawyer Brothers started a general merchandise business out of the first floor.

In 1919, the Sawyer Brothers moved to a new location and E.L. Beeler moved in and changed the nature of the business to Hardware and Farm Implements.  He called the business the Galt Mercantile Company.

In the 1930’s, Glen McFarland opened a butcher shop.  The downstairs area continued to be a butcher shop until the 1970.  The building became vacant and remained that way until 1996, when the IOOF sold the building to Sacramento architect, Bob McCabe.

The building is now Brewsters Bar and Grill


At Brewsters we use only the freshest ingredients: from our gourmet salads to our aged prime rib.  We are confident you will enjoy your dining experience at Brewsters!




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When you select Brewsters for your next special occasion, we will provide you with a memorable dining experience. Celebrate with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, along with fine quality wines and exceptional cuisine. Presented to you in a classic European-style ambiance at affordable prices! We offer several wedding packages and can accommodate up to 150 people. Banquet Menu Contract

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When and How Often Should You Take CBD?

What a lot of people are interested in is the amount CBD they ought to take, how frequently they should take it, and whether there is an ideal time of day for it. Normally, every one of these answered by the statement “whatever works best for you”. In any case, in this article, we’ll go over—in a more noteworthy detail—why CBD is a substance that is so delightfully custom fitted to every person.

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When is the Best Time of Day to Take Cbd?

CBD coffee anybody? Obviously, most individuals want to take their CBD before anything else, alongside different enhancements/drugs and with their coffee and breakfast. Be that as it may, not every person feels the same way, and some would prefer to take CBD at night with supper or just before bed. Generally, it comes down to what time least is demanding to recall and what time is the most appropriate for every individual.

A few people feel stimulated and ready when they take CBD, so taking it before anything else bodes well. Others like to take it a couple of hours towards midday when their evening weariness begins to kick in, giving them an additional lift to make it through the day. Then again, a few people report feeling loose and tired in the wake of taking CBD, so in those cases, it would best be taken at night or before sleep time.

There’s actually no perfect time of day to take CBD. Everything relies upon what works best for you. For instance, the best scale for weed offer medium to firm support to keep your cervical spine. The more you use CBD, the almost certain it is you’ll build up reliable pattern dependent on how it influences you at different occasions for the duration of the day. What’s more, obviously, the most ideal time to remember will probably be another contributing variable.

Cbd Before and After Sport (Pre and Post-workout)

Of late, it’s been found that CBD can help enormously when taken either before or after an exercise, or both. CBD is said to activate athletes’ bodies to work efficiently as they exercise. This can be ascribed to the way that CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates an entire host of functions including metabolism, coordination, energy level, sleep cycle and substantially more.

The objective of taking CBD pre or post-workout exercise is to help the body work more productively during action, while additionally reducing the measure of time it takes to recoup afterward. to make the follicle want to grow hair once again. Weed scale can be useful and it can potentially help get the. Some also believe that CBD advances muscle development and helps avert the excess breakdown of tissue.

Last Thoughts

While we can make proposals on how and when to take your CBD, there truly is no direct answer—yet. Such huge numbers of elements are affecting everything and that makes it difficult to measure something that works completely for everyone. In addition, studies on the uses of CBD and its applications is on the increase, so we may pick up clearer knowledge sooner rather than later. is especially true if you have backaches or need a when to harvest weed. Be that as it may, by and large, when you take CBD, how regularly, and what amount are altogether controlled by your remarkable body type and system, your timetable, and probably your reason for taking it.

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The Best Lightweight Backpack Stove Out There

One of the most important features of traveling is to travel as ligt as possible. Whenever you go out for a hike and bring some of the essentials with you, you will have to know what quality these days are lighter. The most strong materials are made out of light components. With a backpack stove there is no difference.

Planning your holiday is step one, but also choosing the right material is a second must. Cooking is a primary concern when going for a backpack trip. Eating is something you do three times a day. Independently about what you are going to do and were you are going; it is important to know where to can find a lightweight backpack stove. De following groups are the most regular users of a portable stove:

  1. Lightweight backpacking groups
  2. Cycle holiday groups
  3. Mountain sporters groups
  4. Scouting/backpackers
  5. Car holidays

People that chose for a lightweight holiday most of the times do not thing about the weight they travel. The reason is that most bagage is stored in airplanes or a ca, when you are going for a hike you need a backpack, which stores stoves, sleeping bags and other necessities. For example you are going for a hike in Sweden for two weeks. You are completely self sufficient and want to carry everything with you. You will need, a tent, sleeping facilities, food, drinks, clothes and cooking gear. A lightweight stove is one of these attributes that can be heavy and you can spare some grams on this.

Choose a reliable stove. Stoves are from iron and have gas in it, the lightweight stoves are very hard to find. Luckily a great article about this product can be found here.  If you are going to more southern states you could also bring a multi fuel stove. This is a stove that works on gas and fluid fuel.
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Tips to make a windscreen for your cooking gear when backpacking

So you want to go out camping and need a good shelter for your cooking gear? We have been there, done it with the wrong and right materials and want to tell you something about it. Whenever you go and make a windscreen for your cooking gear, you should never use materials like cardboard, paper or plastic materials. These materials are not strong enough to hold the wind from picking up your stuff and that you’re fire to cook catches fire. There is even a story of a man who used a cardboard as a windscreen in Spain last year; the whole camping burned down because of the cardboard catching fire.

We explained how to not go with a windscreen; so which materials should you use to make sure you have a good solid windscreen? The answer is steel or aluminium. This is strong enough to not catch the wind and will never catch fire. Some windscreens of these materials are starting at $1. Some great tips about this can be found here. However let’s explain how these materials will last; they are easy to carry around since a windscreen is never heavy. They are also foldable when you use them and will easily fit in any regular size backpack. Because of this, you can take it with your cooking gear in just one small corner of your backpack, on the bottom or on top. Always remember ; safety first! When you like camping in the mountains it is even more important to brig a windscreen for your cooking gear. The most beautiful spots can be taken in the mountains to cook; but remember, wind is more suffere on a mountain!

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How Does This Bachelorette Stay in Shape?


andiYes!I am a “Bachelor” fan!! I am usually glued to my TV every Monday night tuning in to see who does and does not get a rose! It’s my guilty pleasure , and I love it! So, when I got the chance to meet Andi Dorfam ,former Bachelorette, I was ecstatic! And of course, our talk went straight to fitness !

First, let me explain that Andi just released her new book, It’s not Okay that is on the bestseller list at the moment! She describes in it how she dealt with her recent heartbreak and one of those ways was with fitness! In the book, she tells how her friend made her go to a Yoga class hoping it would help get her out of the dumps. Kudos to her friend for helping out because we all know that exercise does lift your spirits for sure! But Andi actually informed us in the book that while she was glad she had exercised, she wasn’t crazy about Yoga (She’s too type A to clam down she claims). So, being since she just moved to New York( basically the yoga capital of the world) I wanted to know if she’d changed her stance on yoga as well as her current fitness regimen!

Being in New York, have you changed your mind about yoga?

No, I havent! I just can’t get into it. I like to get it in and move my body as much as I can in those minutes I have  and get out. It’s just not my thing.

 Have you tried spinning? I know it’s big in the city as well.

Yes, I tried spin but honestly it’s too clique like.

So, you look great, what ARE you doing?

I am a runner!!! I love running on the west side! I love the views and I can do it whenever I want.  I love the scenery when I’m outside-outside running is my favorite for sure.

Favorite healthy snack?

I just really try to eat clean all the time. But I do love red wine and chocolate cake when I can.

Chocolate cake??? This is why I knew I liked Andi from the beginning!

So Andi said running works for her and we agree!! You look awesome ,girl!

This is why we tell everyone to try it ALL!!!

Try all kinds of fitness until you find the one you enjoy and works for you!!

Yoga is not for everyone; running is not for everyone.

Find what works for You -it could be walking, insanity, Piyo, spinning ,Zumba, the list goes on and on!

Find your exercise and embrace your inner Andi!

Lose Weight Without Sweating!!


Who doesn’t want to lose weight without sweating?! Try these tips from the Today show and hopefully  I’ll see you at the sauna soon according to tip 5!!

1. Work while standing

Standing during a meeting and at your desk is proven to help with weight loss. Research shows you’re expending more energy while standing than you are while sitting. In fact, treadmill desks have been proven to help improve your health. It’s simple: Standing desks and treadmill desks decrease sitting time and increase energy expenditure, which make them a great way to burn calories and lose weight at work.


While not everyone can afford a treadmill desk, incorporating more time on your feet is a great way to up your calorie burn. Try to stand for your shorter, 30-minute meetings, and only sit for the hour-long ones.

2. Boost your metabolism at your desk

While you’re standing at work, sip on a couple of cups of green tea throughout the day. Green tea has been found to boost your metabolism and therefore help with weight loss. Research also shows consuming green tea daily has a positive effect on reducing obesity and body fat. If you’re craving something sweet, add in a drizzle of honey. Read the rest here;