Extractcraft Source Turbo Review: Best Way To Make Cannabis Extract at Home

If you are looking for an extractor machine then you should never miss Source Turbo by Extractcraft. Source Turbo extractor is a tool that can help you satisfy your creativity with any recipe, right at home.

This Extractcraft Source Turbo will help its customers extract ethanol and create cannabis oil, or to use alcohol extractor at home. Sounds very interesting, right? Customers can use whatever recipe they want to add flavor to the cannabis or other products.
There are very few or no extractor machines on the market that can do as well as this one. So you can refer to this product to make the best choice.
Below is our Source Turbo extractor review, of course it includes useful information and most objective opinion.

What Is the Source Turbo by Extractcraft?

As we mentioned above, the Source Turbo is an extractor machine that may be unfamiliar to beginners but is an important tool for many veteran smokers.
This machine is considered the most modern and most powerful closed-loop vacuum or an alcohol extractor machine available today. It can help you turn your room into an instant laboratory with innovative Source Turbo recipes.
It is a product of the ExtractCraft company based in Colorado. They are very well known in this industry and their products always receive high praise from their customers.
This machine is a favorite product of many smokers because it can bring many benefits to their passion. They can use whatever ingredients they want to flavor, add flavor and enhance the art of smoking, vaping or other cannabis products.
This machine can also make cannabis oil for smokers at home. It doesn’t take much effort and time for smokers to make cannabis oil as it did before. Extract craft Source Turbo will help even beginners create their own cannabis oil.
Of course this machine is also designed and set up to produce the highest quality finished product.
Besides, this extractor machine is connected to Bluetooth for users to easily use it. Users can also monitor the parameters via mobile apps, available on the operating system (iOS and Android. So it’s a modern and smart device.
You can buy this extractor for a cheap price when entering the Extractcraft Source Turbo promo code when making a purchase. Please enter the discount code “MYSOURCE” to get $ 50 off when buying this item.

How Does Source Turbo Machine Work?

For those who do not have much experience with mining, this machine is the best choice. It does not need any additional expensive laboratory or laboratory tools to produce the ideal product.
This extractor machine works with an independent closed-loop system, allowing it to quickly and smoothly conduct its work without any tools.
During the extraction of cannabis, under the help of the vacuum innovation and advance system control, the ethanol will evaporate under an ideal temperature. That temperature was about 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
The evaporated ethanol will be inserted into a place called the collection vessel. The collection vessel is essentially vacuum chamber under the action of heat and atmospheric temperature.
The stored ethanol will be safely protected from common external gases. So the finished product that this machine produces is of absolute quality, not mixed by other impurities.
That is also the reason why the Source Turbo review is always maintained in a positive state. You can refer to other reviews on Reddit to have the most comprehensive view of this product.

How To Properly Use Source Turbo Extractor?

This extractor machine from Extractcraft is a modern and worthwhile device. Its emergence eliminated cumbersome and costly laboratory instruments, or complex formulas that only the most experienced could do.
With this machine, even if this is your first time making cannabis oil we can be sure that you won’t get stuck. All you need to do are simple steps and does not require any complicated techniques.
This usage can be applied to any recipe or ingredient that you want to create.
First, make sure your marijuana is washed with ethanol. It’s called “wash”, but we want to emphasize a bit that you need to make sure all the marijuana is soaked in ethanol before you move on to the next step.
The next step you need to do is take all the marijuana out of the ethanol solution and pour the solution onto the crucible of the extractor machine.
Now that it is almost done, press the button and you can set more parameters as desired. After 3-4 hours of machine operating, you will get the most strongest and quality cannabis oil.
You see, how to use it is not complicated at all. It doesn’t take as much time or effort as the manual way.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Source Turbo?

Any product has its disadvantages and advantages and this extractor is no exception. Here are some of the pros and cons of this machine.

#1 Pros

The biggest advantage of this device is its convenience. You don’t have to use a lot of laboratory equipment or spend a day in a laboratory extracting cannabis oil. It is small in size and can be easily placed on any shelf.
With this machine, it does its job automatically, and you don’t need to be with it during the extraction. During that time, you can do other jobs.
Furthermore, you can also save the amount of alcohol used for the extraction process. You can recuperate that alcohol for other processes and it sure is a decent savings for you.
And in particular, this extractor does not require a lot of experience to be able to operate properly. So even those who make their own CBD oil for the first time will not have problems with the finished product.

#2 Cons

The Source Turbo’s pity is its capacity. It can only hold 500ml of QWET, so this machine is best for personal use. For commercial purposes, the capacity of this machine is quite small, not suitable.
Besides, the ice tray which can keep the vacuum cool will be negatively affected if the user uses the wrong amount of ice. So it will affect the extraction process, thereby reducing the quality of the oil.
And the cost of this product is also a major hurdle for many smokers. However, with what it gives users, the price is quite suitable.
Customers can hunt for promo codes from Extractcraft to be able to buy products at a discounted price.

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