First time grower. How long do I need to burp jars for?

First-Time Grower: How Long Should You Burp Your Jars For Proper Cannabis Curing?

As a first-time grower, you may be wondering about the curing process for your cannabis harvest. Curing is an essential step in maximizing the flavor, aroma, and potency of your harvested buds. One important aspect of curing is properly burping your jars. In this article, we will delve into the details of how long you should burp your jars for optimal results in curing your cannabis.

What is Burping and Why is it Important?

Burping refers to the process of opening the jars that are used for curing cannabis to release built-up moisture and gases. When cannabis is first harvested, it contains a high moisture content, which needs to be properly released to avoid mold and bacteria growth. Burping the jars allows excess moisture and any built-up gases to escape, ensuring that the curing process is executed successfully.

Proper burping not only prevents mold and bacteria growth but also enhances the overall taste, smell, and potency of the buds. Without proper burping, the buds can become damp and lose their medicinal properties. Additionally, burping allows for the gradual slow-drying of the buds, which leads to a smoother smoking experience and a more desirable end product.

Factors that Influence Burping Duration

The duration of burping your jars can vary depending on several factors. Here are a few key factors that can influence how long you should burp your jars:

1. Moisture Content: The moisture content of your harvested buds is one of the primary factors that decides the duration of burping. Moisture content is usually measured by the relative humidity (RH) level inside the jars. It is recommended to maintain a humidity level between 58-65% for optimal curing. If your buds are excessively moist, you may need to burp more frequently and for longer durations.

2. Bud Density: The density of your buds can impact the burping duration. Dense buds tend to retain moisture more than loose, airy buds. If you have tightly packed buds, they may require longer burping durations to ensure thorough moisture release.

3. Temperature: The temperature at which your jars are stored can influence the rate of moisture release. Higher temperatures can lead to more rapid evaporation, requiring more frequent burping. Conversely, lower temperatures may result in slower moisture release, allowing for less frequent burping.

Burping Guidelines for First-Time Growers

While the duration of burping may vary depending on the factors mentioned above, here are some general guidelines that can help first-time growers understand how long they should burp their jars during the curing process:

1. Initial Week: During the first week of curing, it is recommended to burp the jars once a day for about 10-15 minutes. This initial stage allows for the release of excess moisture and gases accumulated during the drying process.

2. Second Week: From the second week onwards, you can reduce the frequency of burping to every other day, still for about 10-15 minutes each session. By this time, the buds should have lost a significant amount of moisture, and the curing process should be well underway.

3. Weeks Three and Four: As the curing process progresses, you can further reduce the frequency of burping to every two to three days. The buds should be reaching their ideal moisture levels, and the flavors and aromas should be developing nicely.

4. Long-Term Storage: Once you have completed the initial few weeks of curing, you can transition to long-term storage. The frequency of burping can be further reduced to once a week or even once a month. This occasional burping helps to maintain the moisture equilibrium and ensures the preservation of the buds’ quality over an extended period.

Remember, these guidelines are not set in stone, and the ideal burping duration can vary depending on the factors mentioned earlier. It is crucial to monitor the moisture content and humidity levels inside the jars using hygrometers or other humidity-control devices. Adjust your burping frequency and duration accordingly to achieve the desired results.

Tips for Successful Burping

Here are some additional tips to ensure your burping process is successful:

1. Avoid overburping: While releasing excess moisture is important, it is equally crucial not to overburp your jars. Opening the jars for too long or too frequently can lead to excessive drying, which may result in harsh-tasting buds. Monitor the moisture content and adjust your burping accordingly.

2. Observe the aroma: Pay attention to the smell of your buds during the curing process. Properly cured cannabis should have a pleasant, sweet, and earthy aroma. If you notice any musty or grassy smells, it may be a sign of insufficient burping or improper curing conditions.

3. Store in a cool, dark place: To maintain optimal curing conditions, store your curing jars in a cool, dark place away from direct light and heat sources. This helps to slow down the degradation of cannabinoids and preserve the flavors and aromas of your buds.

4. Use additional humidity-control methods: If you find that the moisture content or humidity levels are not ideal, you can employ additional methods to control them. Boveda packs, humidity packs, or even orange peel can be added to the jars to help maintain the desired humidity levels during the curing process.


As a first-time grower, understanding the importance of burping your curing jars is essential for achieving the best possible end product. While the exact duration of burping may vary based on various factors, following the general guidelines mentioned above will help ensure a successful curing process. Remember to monitor the moisture content and humidity levels within the jars and make adjustments as necessary. With patience, practice, and attention to detail, you will be on your way to producing properly cured, flavorful, and potent cannabis buds.

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