Dry Ice Hash: How To Make Dry Ice Hash from Buds/Trim

The last time we have talked about dabs. Today we gonna show you another “alternative” method of using weed. We will present you a Hash. After reading this publication, you will know what the hash is, is it possible to do it by yourself and how to store it. We would also talk about safety issues, how to use and store it. Due to that, we recommend you to read the whole article before you decide to use or make a hash on your own.

What is ice hash?

In the beginning, we have to answer this question. In the simplest words, we can talk that this is a resin extract which contains phytocannabinoids. The most popular ones are THC-containing hash, but extracts with CBD are also attractive. They are made from resin glands of cannabis. Believe it or not, but the hash was used in 1100 BC in Egypt. We can say, that this is one of the oldest methods of using a hash. We can use it to create hush butter and use it for further products like hush honey or in dabbing. We differentiate some kinds of it due to the method of manufacturing. It can be produced using solvents like butane and others. As you can probably expect, these can contain other, sometimes harmful, substances into it. Dry Ice Hash contains almost only natural resin from the plant. Of course, the quality of the final product depends on the manufacturer, but in most cases, dry ice hash is purer than extracts made with solvents.

How is dry hash different?

Although every of a hash is made from resin glands, they differ on the method of preparation. First of all, we don’t use chemicals to extract resin from the glands. During some methods of extraction, we have to use alcohols and other solvents to take out the extract from the plant. If you want to read something about solvents and risk of them, we recommend you to check our article about dabs. Dry hash method is different. We have to only “mix” resin glands with dry ice and the process of extraction starts immediately! But this is not all. Your hash is ready to use almost immediately after preparation. It’s a big advantage because in case of using other methods sometimes you have to wait even a few days for becoming hash dry. Some of cannabis conneseiur claim that dry ice method is the only one which keeps aroma and taste of weed! So, let’s put together the biggest advantages of dry ice hash:
– It’s extremely easy to produce.
– It has unique taste and smell.
– It’s much healthier than methods which use solvents like butane.
– It’s the fastest available method of manufacturing hash.

How to make dry ice hash?

What if you decide to make dry ice hash by yourself? No problem. In this paragraph, we talk to you “step by step” how to do it properly. We also want to answer the most common questions connected with this issue:
What do you need to make a dry ice hash?
How much dry ice do you use for hash?
As you can probably think, the most important thing you need is resin glands. They contain a lot of resin inside, significantly more than leaves. You have to collect them from your plant or buy them if they are available. We recommend you to buy resin glands only from checked, trusted source! The next very important thing is dry ice. It’s crystalised CO2, which temperature is -78 C (-109F). You can buy it in some countries in the pharmacy or internet markets. You have to be very careful because the low temperature is harmful to your skin and eyes. Due to that, you need thick gloves and safety glasses. You should have about 1 kg of ice. Of course, you need also some tools which allow you to but the ice to the bucket. The last things, without which we can’t start are hash bags in different sizes: 73μ, 160μ, 220μ. Before we start production, we should talk about safety. You have to work in a well-ventilated area. The ice turns into CO2. The amount of gas which comes from 1 kg of ice is quite high. Due to that, we recommend you to work in the area with good circulation of air. The next important tip: use some kind of tool for ice. Due to the very low temperature of that, there is a risk of frostbite on your skin. Injuries like that are painful and hard to treat. So, be careful! Don’t put ice into a closed container. Gases which appears after dissolving the ice can explode in a closed environment due to increase of pressure. Don’t throw the ice to the sink or toilet. This can lead to the destruction of these items. Also, there is a possibility of freezing pipes in your bathroom! To avoid it, leave the useless ice outdoor – it will dissolve naturally into the air.

Ok. It looks like we already have everything we need to start.

#Step 1

Grind the glands and put them with ice into bucket. After that, put the 73μ bag on the bucket and squeeze it for about 4 minutes.

#Step 2

Amazon best-selling product B016CJ24TM CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE Turn the bucket upside-down, empty the bucket to the bag. Shake the bag over the clean surface The powder you get after that is crystallized resin.

#Step 3

Turn of the bag from the bucket and empty every powder from it on surface.

#Step 4

Use a scraper or credit card to collect the powder.

#Step 5

You can use some extra ice to bind a free portion of grind powder and repeat the process.

#Step 6

You can decide if you want your hash in one big bullet, or keep in as a powder. To cumulate it in bullet use ice.

Ok. It’s finished. As you can see (or experience) the process is fast and easy. After that, you get pure and ready to use a hash. How to do it in the right way?

How to judge the quality of the hash?

This paragraph is dedicated to those, who prefer buying hash than producing it. Sometimes it’s hard to identify what is inside the bullet of hash. Although, we give you some tips which can indicate the product you are going to buy is good quality. First of all – aroma. Always fresh hash has its smell which reminds resin. If you smell a mouldy aroma – leave it alone. This product moulds because the producer has not dried it properly. The other warning sign is a “plastic” smell. It indicates that the hash contains some additional chemical substances. Some information of quality comes from a view of the product. Good-quality hash is most commonly brown. If you can take it in hands you can also check the hardness of the product. Good quality, a hand-made hash is always hard when is cold, and a bit soft when it’s warm. There is another method to asset the hash. It’s called a “bubble test”. Put a piece of hash into the fire. If you notice that bubbles appear, it’s evidence that the product is reached in resin. If it gets black after contact with flame there is a possibility that our products contain chemical contaminations.

How to smoke dry ice hash?

There are a lot of possible ways of smoking hash. They depend on your preferences and the equipment you have. We want to present you some of the methods to smoke hash.

#1 Joints, blunts, spliffs.

This is the most popular method. You don’t have to poses any special equipment for that. Using joints you add some other substances to your hash to change a “high”, smoke or taste. Because you smoke directly from the hash, you should be slowly. Otherwise, the “high” could be hard.

#2 Pipe

Everyone who uses cannabis knows the pipes. With this popular tool, you can also smoke hash. Is it good? It depends on what do you expect from smoking. Due to the lack of filter inside the pipe, the “high” after smoking is really hard. On the other hand, there is a possibility to smoke appearance.

#3 Vape pen

The other tool which allows you to enjoy your hash. Alike the concentrates, you can use it for a hash.

#4 Hookah

Middle Eastern, very very old tool for smoking weed (but not at all). It’s a system of hoses connected to the “centre” In this case you avoid harsh smoke because of filtration. The smoke goes through the liquid which plays a filter role. It can be water or even milk. The high isn’t hard but smoking hash using it is quite pleasurable.

#5 Bottle Hits and Hash Globe

Tools like that are getting more popular for smoking hash. You can make it on your own or buy it. We recommend using these, which are manufactured from glass – they don’t melt in high temperature and you avoid the smell of burning plastic.

How to store dry ice hash?

Like any other chemical substance, terpenes have their conditions in which they are fresh. It is said that terpenes like the cold. In this sentence, there is almost everything you need to know about dry ice handling to keep it in good quality for a while. The most important fact is that terpenes evaporate easily from the hash. To stop this process we need to cool down it. Secondly, phytocannabinoids are sensitive to daylight. You always shout keep the has in dark places. Quite a good idea to keep your hash is a refrigerator. Freezing your hash keeps them fresh for a long time.
Are you going to travel with your hash or transport it to another area? We have some tips for you.
As we have mentioned before, the best for storing dry ice hash is a cool and dark environment. To achieve conditions like that you can pack your hash in a plastic bag and keep it with ice-packs in a dark place. It’s the best way to transport your hash.


We hope that the article above described you what the dry ice hash is. We have tried to follow you step by step process of manufacturing it on your own. If you decided to do it after a lecture, keep in mind every safety issue we have mentioned! Trust us – freezing after touching dry ice are hard to heal. You have to always know which kind of hash you are going to produce. Do you want a high CBD or high THC one? Maybe mix of it? You have to choose a strain to make has from. Regardless of the level of cannabinoids, we recommend you to use strains with big resin glands. You can also make it from leaves, but the amount of resin you get after that is quite low. If you don’t want to make hash, you can always buy it on markets. Alike every cannabis stuff – you have to be careful in choosing a good quality product. There is a lot of rubbish on the market. We hope, that advice we have given you above will help you avoid low-quality products. There are different methods of using a hash. You can smoke it using joints, or in other ways. Always keep your hash in a dry and cold environment. Before use remember that hash isn’t for beginners. The “high” after hash is hard. If you newbie, we recommend you to wait for a while before trying a hash.

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