Top 7 Best Trimmers Marijuana: What is preferred in Marijuana?

Wet Trimming vs Dry Trimming

Once you’ve done with harvesting, start the most critical phase that adds value to your harvested buds. Generally, value addition matters on the types of trimming., i.e., Dry trimming or wet trimming, and the procedure used while trimming Marijuana buds. Usually, a hand trim is a common practice if you’re growing one or two Marijuana Plants. A bowl trimmer is another option if you exceed the said number that could save your time that you spend with an individual bud.

The is no comparison of a bowl trimmer vs hand trim plants as it entirely your choice depending on the number of Marijuana Plants that you’re growing. Later in the article, we would like to add a bowl trimmer review along with hand trimmers and automatic trimmers. Either it is dry trimming or wet trimming, the purpose is improving the look of Marijuana buds, enhance smoking taste, increase potency, and avoid mold deposition if you’re growing in high humidity areas. Usually, the growers follow two methods to trim Marijuana buds by hand: dry and wet. An alternative is to use a machine or an automatic trimmer. The growers could prefer any prescribed method. But, they all could finish with what exactly they want.

Wet Trimming

Wet trimming involves separating sugar leaves from the flowers after they’ve harvested, immediately. The flowers still contain a lot of moisture, and their cutting with a scissor is easier. You could pick each branch and cut sugary leaves using a curved scissor. This trimming could result in pretty decent shaped buds that could be dried later by hanging them for 2-3 days.

Dry Trimming

The branches from the Marijuana plant are harvesting first, dried for 3-4 days, and sugar leaves cut from the Marijuana flower. Dry trimming is a bit difficult and trickiest assignment if you want to trim them with a scissor. However, bowl trimmers and electric trimmers are there to ease you out for the processing of dry Marijuana flowers.

We are adding reviews on the best hand trimmers, best bowl trimmers, and automatic trimmers. Overall, three trimmers are reviewed in the best hand trimmers category and three from the Bowl Trimmers category. We are also adding a review on one best electric trimmer. These reviews entirely based on the customer’s feedback and ratings, and responsiveness and services offered by the manufacturers of these trimmers on Amazon or other online selling platforms;

Top 3 Best Marijuana Manual Trimmer Reviews

#1 Fiskars-91095935J Steel Pruning Shears Bypass Pruner, 1

Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears is an ideal hand trim tool for clean cuts from Marijuana buds. It’s fully hardened with steel blades that stay sharp longer. Its material is corrosion-resistant with low-friction that makes cutting trimming jobs easier. The grip handle has a design to accommodate both right and left hand, and the self-cleaning groove avoids sticking. It is very durable due to the steel structure. Fiskars manufactures these trimmers globally, while this stat of art trimmer is made in China. To see more details about this trimmer and global customer’s review, this link would probably help;

#2 GROWNEER-3 Packs Pruning Shears with Curved Blades

GROWNEER is ideal for cut precisely while trimming and shaping Marijuana buds and especially for trimming sugar leaves from the rest of the flower. It allows gardeners to cut easily with one hand without spoiling the quality of the produce. Growers don’t feel any hand strains since the spring brings back the shears ready for trimming again. Moreover, with a rubber grip, you could go longer without feeling any discomfort. The Titanium coated blades are durable, sharp, and highly curved for the precise cutting of cutting sugar leaves in cannabis, especially if you’re growing a few numbers of plants. Moreover, its design allows growers to use either right or left hand while trimming Marijuana buds. This tool is also perfect for harvesting and trimming herbs and common hydroponic plants and flowers. A big advantage is the value for the money that you pay for 3-curved blade trimmers. See customer’s rating and reviews using this link;

#3 The Magic Trimmer – Handheld Bud Leaf Herb Precision Trimmer

The Magic Trimmer is the most precise yet automatic trimming tool for Marijuana buds. The growers only need attention to manure it over the canopy of the plants. It is still the fastest and safest tool to trim Marijuana buds and several other plants that grow in hydroponic culture. It is equally effective in both dry and wet trimming and comes with a one-year limited warranty on parts. This unit weighs slightly above 2 pounds, and growers could manure it easily across different surfaces. Moreover, safely built with the highest speed for effective and speedy trimming. Three additional blades come with the pack.

Replacements parts are easily available from the manufacture. It also trims flowers finely, and the debris will be on you if, don’t wear hand gloves. Be assured it is noisy as well. Here you connect to the customer’s support and reviews on amazon;

Top 3 Marijuana Bowl Trimmer Reviews

#4 iPower-GLTRIMBOWL19L-Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

iPower Bowl trimmer is capable of twisted Spin Cut for Marijuana Bud and Flower that consists of upgraded sharp gears. This exceptional Bowl trimming machine enables the growers to trim flowers very precisely to save them a lot of precious time. iPower installs all essential features to become a pro in the bowl trimmers industry with this superior unit which, contains 19 inches of diameter with a crystal dome. The dome is made with pure acrylic for seeing through the working of 24 strips of black rubber. They also install a removable handle and grille for storage and easy cleaning of the unit. The versatile sturdy blades could easily trim flowers, buds, and twigs. Overall, a single unit contains 30 trimming scissors in this dry trimmer to enhance its efficiency. It’s an excellent unit and Marijuana growers love it. See ratings and customer’s reviews by clicking this link;

#5 VIVOSUN-16-inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer- Clear Visibility Dome

It’s another clear visibility dome trimmer bit smaller in diameter than iPower. The VIVOSUN 16-inch Marijuana Bowl Trimmer is considered one of the best trimmers in the market at the moment. It is made up of stainless steel material that could go longer with you to prove your selection right. Its crystal clear dome again allows you to monitor what’s happening inside a bowl with the buds. The top of the dome contains a sturdy handle for easy grip to operate this unit. This trimmer also contains sharp stainless steel blades with serrated knives for wet trimming and X-blades for dry trimming. Overall, one cutter enables 30 scissors to trim simultaneously. The product comes with 2-years of limited warranty. What buyers say about the performance of this unit, this link would tell you;

#6 VIVOSUN-19-inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer with Clear Visibility Dome

VIVOSUN-19 Bud Leaf trimmers contain a big bowl than VIVOSUN-16 that we already discussed and built with the same materials and precision for accurate trimming of Marijuana bud. It also contains separate blades for both wet and dry cutting. One cutter contains 30-scissors for an efficient and clean cutting experience. The gearbox is solid, in this large unit, and while you could rotate in both directions using this gearbox for complete trimming of buds. Overall the package includes 1-leaf trimmer, 1-stainless steel straight blade, 1-stainless steel serrated blade, and 2- X- blades, including one-hand pruning shear and instruction manual. The warranty is again 2 Years for this durable unit. How confident VIVOSUN users are, click this link to see their reviews and rating on amazon;

Top Electric Bud Leaf Trimmer Review

#7 Risentek-Electric Bud Leaf Trimmer

Risenteck is a time-saving machine that is a highly efficient electric trimmer with stainless steel cylinder and a large mesh bag. It’s for commercial purposes and could help you to trim 2 pounds of buds in an hour. It features a rotor speed of up to 70 revolutions per minute in both reverse and forward directions that are compatible with wet and dry trimming of flowers and buds. Also, it features a gate for easy emptying out of trimmed flowers. You could well imagine its performance from one of the reviewers and a verified purchaser from amazon;

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