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Although most of us think about the growing space in 2 room grow tent, we should also think about other factors which help farmers to easily regulate the air circulation, temperature, lights and flow of nutrients. Generally, these 2 room grow tents are created from several different varieties of internally lined fabrics which reflect back the light to plants, helping in their growth. So, many farmers choose to buy 2 in 1 grow tent solely for space purpose, as they can use keep more plants in their indoor gardening area.

1_Vivosun 2-In-1 Grow Tent

These versions of 2 room grow tent gives all the important functions for growing marijuana or other plants indoor. Vivosun 2 in 1 grow tent allows the best growth during vegetative as well as flowering phase of marijuana and the third provides space for seed’s propagation. So, a single grow tent meets the requirement during all stages of marijuana’s growth cycle.

Its prominent features are:

2_Viparspectra 2-in-1 Grow Tent

Viparspectra has reasonable large size compartment which is subdivided into two growing compartments. One compartment is usually used for flowering and vegetative phases of growth cycle of marijuana. The other one is again subdivided, one for seeds propagation and the other one for taking care of seedlings and sprouts, making it a good 2 in 1 grow tent. All three compartments are separated by a removable Mylar sheet.

Salient feature of Viparspectra two room grow tent are:

3_Growneer 2-in-1 Grow Tent

It’s one of the best quality 2 in 1 room grow tent available out there. This model has spacious space along with an additional window for viewing plant’s growth. There is a similar section for both growth stages of marijuana and the other one is for propagation of seeds or raising seedlings.

Other important features of growneer are listed here:

4_Maxsisun 2-in-1 Grow Tent

Maxsisun is a newer brand 2 room grow tent as compared to others that we discussed above. It is also a multi compartment grows room consisting of two champers which allow growth of plants of various size and stages in a same grow tent. Plants can grow up to 6 feet in this grow tent.

Its important salient features are:

5_TopoGrow 2-in-1 Grow Tent

Topogrow is relatively small size 2 room grow tent. It has multiple ventilation points and a cord, used for LED grow lights hanging.

Salient features of Topogrow 2-in-1 grow tent are:


We hope you have find all the necessary details you are looking for buy a 2 in 1 grow tent for your indoor gardening. We have tried our best to list features of best 2 room grown tents. All of above are great in their function, with difference of capacity of growing plants. So, you should select whichever needs your requirements.

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