SeedshereNow Seedbank Review: Top Seed Banks ship to USA

To be perfectly honest, we’re a little mystified by Seedsherenow. The main reason why we are puzzled is that we clicked on half a dozen strains of cannabis seeds and a number of times it was either to preorder in advance, a retired strain, there was a warning, only 3 left in stock.

Does that mean that they are small and run out of product quickly? Who knows? We’re just reporting the facts.

Based in Medford, Oregon, the good news is that since they are seedbank based in the USA, they ship orders quickly. Expect to receive your order in around 7 days or less if you are in the U.S.

They also accept payment by money order, check (including temporarily, personal checks on U.S. Banks) bitcoin and cash.

Another thing we wonder about, and may be an indication of the size of the organization, is that they take a lot of days off for holidays. When you click on their FAQ’s, the very first question is which holidays do you observe.

Not, where do you ship, how do you make payment, but when are you not working?

We’ve never encountered a seed bank that publicly announced when they would not be working. It’s as if they are saying, “we’re too busy smoking our own product to serve you.”

Another complaint, and we hope we aren’t being too picky is that SeedshereNow only tends to sell in larger packs. Between 7 and 10 seeds seems to be the norm and the cheapest pack is $98.

This sort of lets out the little guy on a budget.

Finally, we’re not exactly crazy about their descriptions either. There is no indication of THC content or how difficult the product is to cultivate.

What do customers think about SeedshereNOw?

Well, there are positive reviews out there but we found nothing but negative reviews on one of the most respected review sources.

One customer described his experience as terrible. He apparently ordered $2,000 worth of proudce and never received his order and was not able to get any kind of satisfaction.

We’d chalk that up to a bad situation but there are several similar accounts on the same review site.

As a consequence, and based upon some of the concerns we’ve brought up about their website we’d suggest taking a pass here. .