Best LED lighting for reef tank: Relassy LED Aquarium Light Panel vs HIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light

Best led lighting for reef tank will not only bring the attractive aesthetic for your aquarium but it is also necessary for the development of the corals. In order to get the perfect reef light, you have to research and compare a lot of factors.

But by reading this post, you will not need to waste your time going those. Here are our top 2 picks of LED lighting for reef tank: Relassy LED Aquarium Light Panel vs HIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light.

#1 Full spectrum

Relassy LED includes 338 high-quality LEDs. It offers blue light & 6000-2000K white light. One of the benefits that this LED light brings is that it creates Vitamins D3, which helps coral absorb Calcium in the water, improve the brighter color, grow beautifully and promote the flourish of SPS and LPS.

Hiparagero light offers the royal blue light, blue light, and white lights, which will mimic the light in the deep-sea area, make your reef tank look more natural. Like Relassy light, Hiparagero also features the blue light that can promote producing the Vitamins D3, which coral can synthesize and absorb calcium.

The best LED aquarium lighting will bring a full spectrum for your reef tank.

#2 Reliable material

Hipargero LED lights include the metal adjustable bracket, which makes it is durable. The Cree chips with high quality and longer lifetime. Two-rollers silent fans create the noise at a maximum 44.7 db(A), fast heat transfer and create your coral a comfortable home environment.

Moreover, Hipargero Aqua Knight LED aquarium lights have a 1-year warranty and 30 days money back guaranteed.

Relassy Led light has been certified by FCC, CE, ROHS, and SPE. The fans of this light also have excellent heat dissipation ability. It also does not contain any noise like the other lighting.

However, this light comes from a lesser-known company and fewer professionals. It does not come with a long time of warranty like Hipargero light. There are some complaints from users about the durability of this product.

#3 Controllable 

Two colors DIMMABLE channel of HIPARGERO can be adjusted separately with only one touch. The lighting intensity is controllable from 0% to 100%.  It allows you to dim the light to appropriate for the different creatures.

But the drawback is that you can dim the light but cannot set the lighting schedule that makes this system much easier to use. One more dislike thing, this light does not come with the removal.

Relassy offers the app-controlled that connect by Wi-Fi. You can use your phone to connect and control the light panel, which makes it much more convenient. It offers many features of control such as set the lighting schedule on the day and re-schedule lighting timers. It will come to use if you forgot the turn off the light or on the day you get home late.

Best Guinea Pig Cages: Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus VS. Living World Deluxe Habitat

If you planning to get your guinea pig home, choosing the best guinea pig cages can be a bit challenging due to hundreds of options in the market.

In order to ensure your pets will live a long, healthy, happy life and feel comfortable in their home, do not make a hurried decision.

Base on some basic factors that guinea pigs will require in their cage, these following are two recommendation cages that you should consider to get as habitat for guinea pigs: Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus VS. Living World Deluxe Habitat.

#1  Spacious Cage

Generally, each single guinea pig should be provided at least 7,5 feet square.  If you want to keep a couple of guinea pigs, it is preferable to provide them with 10,5 square feet of space.

Midwest Guinea Pig habitat will provide your guinea pigs plenty of room. It measures 47 x 124 x 14 inches with the living area coming in 8 square feet. With this space, you can keep about two guinea pigs at max.

Living World Deluxe Habitat is available in three different sizes. The standard and large models provide the space for only one guinea pig. But the X-Large model measures 46 8/9 x 22 4/5 x 24 inches that suitable for a couple of guinea pigs.

#2 Easy to clean

You have to frequently clean your guinea pig bedding to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria on the cage surfaces. The best way to save your time and effort in cleaning is by choosing the cage material that easy to clean.

Midwest cage has been stated to be very durable and leak-proof as well. It includes the PVC-lined canvas panels for the bottom, wall and top of the cage. These PVC-lined is leak-proof and can be able to remove which makes the cage easy to maintain.

Living World Deluxe Habitat includes two parts, with the upper part of the cage is the metal frame and the bottom part is plastic. These two parts are easy to assemble or disassemble when you need to clean the cage.

#3 Added Features

The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus has two rooms. The room can be closed to keep separate for your pets or you can open the door to give your guinea pigs more space to walk around. Two-room are linked by a ramp.

Living World offers an elevated balcony and an open space at the bottom, where your guinea pigs can use as hiding space when they feel stress.

Should You Purchase On Glass Aquarium In Fish Pet Shop Near Me?

Whether you buy a fish tank online or in fish pet shop near me, you may see that glass is one of the most common materials. People prefer to use a glass tank not only due to its traditional style but also because of a lots of benefits that it brings.

So is glass a good material for a fish tank? This pose will help you choose the best aquarium starter kits.

The pros of choosing glass fish tank

Glass is quite cheap:

As you can see at fish near me pet, in comparison with the same size acrylic fish tank, the glass tank is much more affordable. This is not because acrylic is more durable and has superior quality. This is because the glass fish tank is a lot easier to deliver so it takes less cost.

Scratch resistance:

The acrylic tank is difficult to deliver because it does not have the ability to resist scratch, it also can get scratch when you ship it from fish pet store near me to your home. Meanwhile, glass seems to be getting on this job very well.

You can use the glass tank without worry about making it scratch and do not have to be very aware while cleaning your tank.


After a long time of using, glass still keeps the transparency of it as long as you wipe the tank frequently. There is also no chemical reaction between the glass and the lights for a long time which may happen if you using acrylic.


Glass is durable and strong enough to against the sudden change of weather or temperature surrounding. It can even against most accidental of breaking or cracking as long as you do not hurl it with heavy things or deliberately break it.

The drawbacks of glass fish tank

Less of shape:

Although there are curved front glass aquariums available now. But you still cannot find much of interesting designs of glass in fish pet stores near me as acrylic tank. Because glass is more difficult to sags or sculpts


Glass is thickness, so it is so much heavier about 4-10 times than the acrylic tank with the same size.


We all know that glass refract rays of light. So through the glass, you cannot see the accurate location, colors and size of your fish.

Why do you need the best digital aquarium thermometer?

If you know about how important it is to have a proper temperature for your fish or if you had a heater for your aquarium, I’m sure that you will need the best digital aquarium thermometer.

The thermometer will ensure your heater always has the right temperature and plays an important role in keeping the fishes healthy and happy. But in many different types of thermometer, the digital one will provide you the most remarkable features.

What is a digital thermometer?

Digital thermometers are usually considered to be the most expensive thermometer, especially if they come from popular brands. But there are some reliable digital thermometers that very cheap and still accurate available today.

Their design includes one probe connect with a digital display, they usually allow you to read in both C degree and F degree. They can come with a wire to connect probe and display, and the others are wireless connections. There are two options of wireless are battery and electric plug.

What makes a digital thermometer different?

#1 Highly accurate

Absolutely, The pose of getting an aquarium thermometer is to reading water temperature, and digital thermometers are known as the most accurate thermometer.

Unlike stick-on thermometers that are located outside the aquarium, digital thermometers are not affected by the ambient room temperature even when you place it near vents, heater, etc. That is a reason why it is considered as the best aquarium thermometers.

A digital thermometer provides you an accurate reading to 0,1 F degrees. What you read on the display is exactly the tank temperature.

 #2 Easy to use

You should know that the more complicated they are, the more it is going wrong. The digital does not take you a lot of time to set and also the time to show the result.

With an LCD display, they also allow you to read temperature fastest and easiest, unlike floating thermometer.

4 Best ways to heat up tamales at home

Mexico has a delicacy listed by CNN on the list of unique holiday dishes in countries, which is called Tamales.

Tamales impress at first glance the outer casing. With pale yellow color and many stripes running along the side, the material of the Tamales cake package is the corn husk, which is almost thrown away in most other countries.

Thanks to the re-use of the corn husk, Tamales is very easy to attract attention to foreign customers. So that Tamles are sold in many places by storing in the refrigerator.

To keep tamles with the best taste, you need to know about the best way to heat up tamales below:

Note: I need to keep all the corn husks before heating tamales up.

#1 Reheat tamales in a steamer

Heating tamales with a steamer is a method that can retain the original flavor of tamales, and it also achieves the best moisture.

This method can be time-consuming, but the results will satisfy you the most.

How to warm up tamales with a steamer is also very simple. You just need to pour a moderate amount of water into the steamer, put the tamales on and wait some minutes.

The time to warm up tamales with a steamer is about 20 minutes for tamales stored in the refrigerator, and 30 minutes for tamales stored in the freezer.

#2 Reheat tamales in a microwave

Heating tamales by microwave is the most time-saving method. You only need 30 seconds for defrosted tamales and about 3 minutes for frozen tamales.

Before you heat the tamales in the microwave, wrap it in a wet kitchen paper, which will help prevent the tamales from drying out and heat up faster. This is the best way to microwave tamales.

#3  Reheat tamales in an oven

Reheating tamales with the oven will provide a crispy and fragrant crust for tamales.

This will help keep the tamales from drying out but is quite time-consuming. You need about 15-20 minutes to reheat the tamales with the oven.

The procedure is similar to microwave heating but longer.

#4 Reheat tamales in a pot

Heating tamales by boiling in a pot is also a popular method. This method is also quite simple when you just need to fill the tamales with water, then turn down the heat to low when the water has boiled.

Boil for 10 minutes then turns off the heat. However, you should note that do not unpack the tamales when boiled to avoid tamales getting too wet.

Buying Guide: Best Scope for Ruger Mini 30

A Ruger mini 30 riffle is currently one of the most advanced hunting rifles on the market. But you can still maximize its performance using a reliable mini 30 scope. When taking part in shooting competitions, or your ordinary hunting day, only the best scope for mini 30 will deliver the performance you expect.

An excellent scope is one that you are comfortable with even in dim lighting conditions. Because of the variety of Ruger mini 30 scopes on the market, it might be challenging to select one that will work for your needs. Criteria that you can use to define the right scope for you should consider:

#1 Magnification

Choosing the correct magnification for your mini 30 scope will depend on your hunting style. Some individuals prefer shooting long-range targets using full-scale magnification. Others are satisfied with a lower range. Noting the scale of magnification will enable you to avoid disappointments whenever you are using your Ruger mini 30.

#2 Clarity

Clarity has everything to do with hitting your target. When sampling the best scope for mini 30, clarity is essential. A Ruger mini 30 scope with a large objective lens will perform reasonably well even in dim lighting. If you are uncomfortable with the size, you can opt for a smaller lens that is enhanced for better performance.

#3 Build and durability

Ruger mini 30 scopes come in different sizes. Large tubes mean more adjustment options due to more room. The type of construction material and its durability is also an essential factor because higher quality will serve you for a longer time.


A high-quality Ruger mini 30 scope has a robust construction with quality features. Additional features like water and fog proofing can be crucial for specific environments. As long as you consider why and where you are using your Ruger mini 30, selecting the best scope will be simple.

See more of the information on Scopes here.

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