What type of cage is unsuitable for iguana?

Iguanas are quite large lizard, they will need a habitat that allows them to move around, eat, sleep, bask, and explore. But it is not an easy task to give them a proper home as there are some misconceptions about how iguana cages look that many owners had got.

Giving a best iguana cage will help them have a long, healthy, and happy life. Therefore, these misconceptions should be flushed in order to gain an understanding of the correct way to house large reptiles.

#1 Glass aquarium

The biggest problem with glass aquarium is that it is too small and is not high enough to support iguanas. Iguanas need vertical space because they like to spend their time on the tree or climb on the multiple levels in their cage.

The cage height is far too often ignored by iguana pet owners. And don’t want you to make this mistake with an aquarium. If you have learned about wild iguana, you will know that iguanas are up in the trees, typically only coming down to mate, lay eggs, and change from one tree to another.

An aquarium is only should be used for hosing for neonate iguanas. This is because for a baby iguana, aquarium hold humidity very well and also easy to clean. But after for around a year and a half, aquarium will become not practical.

#2 Dog crates

Never keep your iguanas in the god creates. This is because the dog crates have quite simple construction. This living space provides little or no room for thermoregulation, exploring, trees, multiple levels, and other enrichment, leading to a poor quality of life for iguanas.

The dog crates also not good to maintain temperature and do not hold humidity. You just only use dog crates to keep an iguana in the cases if you want to transport your pets or for temporary housing iguanas.

#3 Phone booth style cage

There are many iguana owners keep their pets in the phone booth style cage. They think that an upright rectangle shape of this cage is suitable for iguanas, who prefer vertical space. However, the problem of these cage is that the width is inappropriate.

This shape does not even accommodate the size of the iguana as they have a long tail and this cage do not have room for iguana’s body. This can cause trauma to the tail overtime when the iguana tries to turn.

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