How to Make Hash – Making good Bubble Hash for Beginners

If you’ve just started growing your own plants and you’re looking for a way to use up all of your spare trim, then making hash is a great way to use up all your kief. In this post, we’ll show you some of our favorite hash making methods and the best strains for each method. Whatever method you choose, you’ll enjoy the mellow cannabis experience that results from your own green-fingered handy work.
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What is Hash?

Hash is a cannabis extract made by separating trichomes from the cannabis plant. Trichomes can be referred to as ‘kief’ and refer to the swollen crystals that form at the end of the hair-like glands that form on cannabis plants and often collects at the bottom of your grinder. These trichomes are where you find the highest concentration of the THC and CBD cannabinoids, as well as the strong smelling terpenes that hold the flavors of your plants.
Once these trichomes are separated from the leaves, buds, and stems of your plant and are either pressed or heated, they form a concentrated and powerful form of cannabis. The best quality hash should look a golden-brown color and will produce a distinct aroma and a high that you will love. Poorer quality batches tend to be greener and this indicates it contains too much plant matter.

How to Make Hash

If you’re keen to not see your kief to waste and want to find out how to make hashish, then you’ll have great fun giving the methods below a try and making your own hash in a variety of ways.

Approach 1: Hand Rolling

This is probably the simplest method and can simply start to happen if you’ve been handling a lot of buds and trim when harvesting your plants. As trichomes stick to your hands they will begin to form a sticky resinous layer of black on your skin. This layer can be formed into small spheres of hash by rubbing your hands together and then pressed into a block. Essentially, the more trichomes you have on your hands, the more hash you’ll get.
The issue with this method is that it can take a long time and produces pretty small yields for your hard work. However, it is still a popular method in Northern India and Nepal by people who have been making some of the best hash for centuries so is well worth giving it a go for yourself. Make sure you use cannabis buds and trimmings that have not been dried out and that your hands are clean and preferably washed with an organic and odorless soap bar.

Approach 2: Dry Sifting/Flat Screening

This is another simple method to make hash making it a popular choice. But requires you to buy a silkscreen. This is essentially a fine sieve which you sift your cannabis trimmings through to create a potent kief which can then be pressed in a pollen press to form hash. You’ll get the best results by freezing your trimmings first. Just pop them in a zip-locked freezer-bag overnight and they’ll be good to go.
Once your trimmings are nicely frozen the trichomes will be easier to separate from the plant matter. If you can, it’s good to weigh the trimmings you’re using first as you should aim to get a minimum of 10% of the weight of your trimmings in trichomes. Simply rub your frozen trimmings against your silk screen over a sheet of baking paper and watch the glistening trichomes fall on to the surface below where they will be ready for pressing.

Approach 3: Blending Hash

This method is slightly more complicated, but other than the silk screen you’ll probably have all the equipment you need for the process in your home already – namely, you will need a blender, some ice cubes, a large glass jug, and a coffee filter. The great thing about this method is that the final product you are left with doesn’t require you to heat it or press it as it is good to go straight into a joint or any food you might want to add it to.
The method involves popping the trimmings into a blender and covering them with water before adding a good handful of ice. Give them a minutes blast in the blender then pass this mixture through your silk screen into your glass jug and leave to settle for half an hour. You’ll be able to see the trichomes settling on the bottom of your jug.
Once the half hour is up, carefully drain off around 2/3rds of the water. Make sure you pour this away gently to avoid dislodging your trichomes from the bottom of the jug. Re-fill the jug with fresh cold water and plenty of ice and leave for just 3-5 minutes before carefully draining off 2/3rds of the water again. Repeat this process at least twice more or 4-5 times for the best quality hash before getting rid of as much of the water as you can without losing the trichomes.
The final stage is to pass what’s left in the jug through your coffee filter. You can usually separate the mesh from the filter of a cafetière which is perfect for this stage. Squeeze the mixture against the filter to get rid of as much excess water as possible. Leave it to dry naturally and it’s ready to use as you please.

Approach 4: Bubble Hash

If you’ve had a go at the basic methods above and want to produce more potent hash and bigger yields, then you really need to look into how to make bubble hash. This process is a lot like the blender method but on a bigger scale. Whilst it does require specialist equipment, the improved potency and yields make this an attractive option for the connoisseurs out there. You’ll need a variety of sizes of cannabis mesh bags, 2 large buckets and a wooden spoon along with a lot of ice!
Start by adding your trimmings to one of the buckets and filling it with lots of ice. Add enough water to fully submerge your trimmings and stir continuously for 15 minutes and allow the cold agitation to break the trichomes off into the water. Place the mesh bags you have in the other bucket, with the finest mesh bag being the innermost bag and make sure they are open and secured in the bucket.
Now you’re ready to pour the trimmings mixture into your mesh bags. Do this carefully and allow it to sit in the mesh-lined bucket for 15 minutes to drain. Then, one at a time take out each mesh bag and hold it over the bucket to drain, poor more ice water over the bag, shake it and allow it to drain before setting it aside in the spare bucket. Do this for each mesh bag.
Finally, remove the hash left in each bag to a clean non-stick surface to dry on. Make sure you remember which pile of hash relates to which mesh fineness. The bubble hash will be whatever is in the hash piles from the mesh bags that sieve for 72 to 90 microns and is the most potent and aromatic.

Best Strains for Hash 2023

If you prefer smoking hash, then it makes sense to pick a plant which is going to give you an abundance of the lovely crystals that lead to a finely blended hash. Here we outline some of the top strains for hash and the best seeds we’ve found that lead to good yields even for beginners.

#1 Best Cannabis Seeds for Hand Rolled Hash Approach: Crop King’s Sour Diesel
If you’re just starting off in the world of homegrown hash, why not kick-off with one of the world’s most popular strains for ash in the world. The effect of this hash gives you a euphoric buzz and kicks in quick. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the energetic high you get off sour diesel and the clear-headed and lucid high is a real boost to creative thinking. This strong smelling flavorsome plant makes some real tasty hash.
The major pros of this strain for hash lovers is that: it produces a high number of trichomes which tend to pump out plenty of resin; it is a good choice for those wanting to try out hand rolling their hash; it performs well both indoors and out; the growth rate is super fast, and; it produces big yields.  The downside of this strain is that it tends to grow quite big and is extremely pungent so it is not the stealthiest of plants to grow.
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#2 Seeds for Flat Screening Hash Approach: Marijuana Seed’s ICE Feminized
ICE, or ‘Indica Crystal Extreme’ gains its name from the insane number of trichomes it produces to the extent where the plant looks like it has been under heavy snow. Fortunately, that white outer layer to the large flowers is actually a hefty coating of resin. This basically means this is a great plant for hash lovers and it is a good strain to try out if you want to give flat screening a go and is great for hand rolling also.
Other things that make this a great choice for hash fanatics are that: it produces an instant body-high and produces a relaxing and meditative state of mind; it is suitable for growing indoors and out; it doesn’t grow too tall when grown indoors (it won’t go past 120cm indoors);  it is ready for harvest anywhere between 8 and 10 weeks, and; the flavor is phenomenal. The downside of these seeds are that they produce a heavy stone, so if that’s not your thing they’re not for you.
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#3 Seeds for Blending Hash Approach: Seed Supreme’s Gorilla Girl Feminized Seeds
If you’ve taken a look at the hash making methods listed above and think you’d like to give the blender method a go before moving on up to the high-grade bubble hash method, then you’ll love these seeds. The flowers produced are incredibly resinous and you’ll find levels of THC in this plant that are out of this world and up to 25% THC and beyond. These properties make it a great choice for the blender method.
Other major pros of these seeds are that: they grow wide and bushy, rather than too tall which can make them a more stealthy grow; the buds are dense; they produce plants that are covered in beautiful trichomes, and; the high you get off the hash is one that is spread equally between your body and your mind keeping your brain nicely active whilst relaxing your body. The downside is they do need to be kept nice and warm to produce at their best so outdoor growing isn’t always suitable.
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#4 Seeds for Bubble Hash Approach: True North Seedbank’s 8 Ball Kush Feminized Seeds (Barney’s Farm)

Afghani and Pakistani hash has long been noted as some of the best hash in the world and these seeds bring you the best of both places in a single plant that just loves to produce trichomes that hash growers the world over love. The thick stems help to form nicely dense buds that will produce an abundance of the fine micron hash that will make the bubble hash approach more than worthwhile for this strain.
The other major pros of these seeds are that: they produce buds flavored with spices that will make your mouth water; it grows really nice and short indoors (no more than 80cm); it has a 20% THC plant ratio, and; it produces an energetic high for the body and mind. The downside of these seeds are that they are a bit pricey and you won’t want to grow any other weed once you’ve tasted this and enjoyed the high of this hash.
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#5 Best Silk Screen for Hash: Speedball 4712 10-Inch-by-14-Inch Screen Printing Frame

If you’re looking to give the dry sifting/flat screening method a go then these frames made for screen printing are a really good option. With 230 mesh measurement meaning there are 230 threads per inch. This is the equivalent of a 90-micron space between the threads which make some pretty decent quality hash without making the process too difficult. Although it is made for textiles and screen printing the design is actually great for this method too.
You can get these in various sizes, but the A4 is easier to manage if you are using the screen just for trimmings. If you hope to use the screen in your grow space it is probably worth moving up to the A3 size as this will provide you more cover as your plant grows and help you catch those trichomes along the way.
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#6 Best Bubble Hash Extractor Kit: BUBBLEBAGDUDE All Mesh 5 Gallon 3 Bag Herbal Hash Ice Extractor Kit

When you’ve decided that nothing else is for you than the highest quality and super potent bubble hash, then you might want to consider investing in this herbal hash ice extraction kit that comes with everything you need, including the high-grade mesh bags you need to capture the finest microns. This kit is superb quality and not too pricey even though the bags are all made in the USA.
Other great things about this are that: it gives you everything you need to get started with making your own bubble hash (bar the trimmings obviously!); the bags are designed to give you maximum yields; the bags drain quicker than their competitors so there is less hanging around when draining your ice water, and; the bags are double stitched for maximum durability. The downside of this kit is that it is a big parcel to have delivered so you’ll want to have an explanation in mind if you’re worried about being stealthy.
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How to Make Hash Oil

If you’ve loved making hash and want to try your hand at making some of the other great cannabis-derived products, why not give hash oil making a try? Hash oil is a great way to make your weed stronger and a great way to make use of weed that is no longer suitable to be smoked as it allows you to capture the THC and CBD trichomes left in your weed.
Fortunately, it’s also pretty easy to make hash oil, all you need to do is:

  1. Place a strainer, filter, and funnel over a collection jar.
  2. Mix your unsmokable weed in a mixture of 190 proof alcohol in a stainless steel cup.
  3. Stir this for 3 minutes.
  4. Pour the mixture through the strainer you set up at ‘step a)’ and discard the plant matter.
  5. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate (left overnight uncovered).
  6. Place your ready-made hash oil in an airtight storage container.

If possible, you should use ethyl alcohol rather than isopropyl alcohol as you can be sure it is edible and won’t have any ingredients in it which must not enter the body. However, if you can only find isopropyl alcohol just check the ingredients are non-toxic. You’ll also get a more potent oil if you freeze your mix at ‘step c)’ for around 8 hours as this helps make the trichomes ripe for extraction.
For ‘step e)’ it is also possible to boil the alcohol off but this must be done in a well-ventilated space as a whiff of the evaporating pure alcohol can cause you to faint. When boiling off the alcohol you should use a double boil method, where you boil a bowl of water resting in a pan and reduce the heat before placing a bowl over the first bowl to heat the alcohol off.
You should also make sure the alcohol only touches stainless steel. If it touches plastic, rubber, copper or most other materials than stainless steel there is a good chance these materials might leach off into your oil and you don’t really want to be smoking plastic!

#1 Best Cannabis Seeds for Hash Oil: Royal Gorilla Feminized Seeds (Royal Queen Seeds)
If you’re looking to grow a weed plant that will produce the sort of weed that makes great hash oil, then you should check out these great seeds from Royal Queen Seeds. Packed full of trichomes and THC you’ll love these buds in all their guises. The great story of this strain’s genesis is also quite a selling point as it was created entirely by accident but has rapidly become a favorite across the USA.
The major pros of this strain for hash oil producers are that: it has a whopping THC content of between 24-30% THC levels you just don’t see in other plants; you will feel a deep heavy stoning alongside feelings of euphoria; it has won a number of awards at the World Cannabis Cup so you know the experts really love this strain. The downside of this strain is that there is not masses of CBD content.
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#2 Best Alcohol for Extraction: Extractohol-Organic USP Certified 190 Proof Cane

If you are looking for the right alcohol for extracting your hash oil, then it is vital you use food grade alcohol. This great product is designed specifically for herbal tinctures which means it works great for the extraction of those cannabinoids that you want to draw out into your oil. The downside of this product is it is pricey, but it’s enough to make a huge number of batches which makes up for that tremendously.
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#3 Best Hash Oil Containers: Yesker CL65319 Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles 1-oz for Essential Oils with Glass Eye Dropper And Rubber Bulb

If you’re going down the road of making your own hash oil, you’re going to need to get yourself some decent air-tight bottles with pipettes to help you carefully distribute your carefully crafted product. These bottles are great value and do just the trick, ensuring you can safely store your liquid hash in a stealthy container that won’t cause anyone to ask any questions.
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So whether hash or hash oil is of interest to you, it doesn’t take much if any specialist equipment to get you up and running once you are already set up to grow your own plants. Make sure you opt for strains that are high in THC if you want to make the best hash and ultimately you’ll be laughing!

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