Best Pipe for Weed 2021: Top 10 Beginner Pipe for Weed

It is obvious that weed pipes make it easier to smoke and reduce the amount of buds consumed. This is also less complex way to smoke weed than other method like rolling blunts or joints. The weed pipes are absolute essential accessories for cannabis enthusiasts, but with so many alternatives, it may be tough for both beginner and cannabis connoisseurs to choose the best pipe for weed that can get the job done while also show your individual personality.

I believe that you won’t want to waste your money on a cannabis pipe that is easy to break, come apart, or just fail to perform its function. Don’t worry, this list of top 10 best pipe for weed will help you choose the right pipe for your needs and your personality.

TOP 10 Best Weed Pipes 2021

#1 best overall weed pipe: BudBomb XL Metal Hand Pipe

This cannabis pipes will not let you down in the future as it contains all the thing you need for an enjoyably gentle smoking experience. This renewed, vintage pipe is one of the most convenient, mobility, elegant, and well-made cannabis pipes available. It is a highly regarded and favorite pipe of many smokers. It is not many products out there can beat the quality and usefulness for the price of BudBomb pipe.

The case is made of lightweight aluminum and has a constructed cooling system inside. You use BudBomb XL Metal Hand Pipe like a roll but this pipe will give you a clean, cool and smooth feeling the same as a typical bomb bong. The BudBomb’s excellent design make it outstanding when it comes to taking it apart and putting it back together. Cleaning is a breeze as you can simply detach the four components and wash with clean water.

There are the metallic gold or silver or matte black case to choose from. What I like most about BudBomb pipe is that it is extremely durable and it is nearly impossible to break. Budbomb also offer lifetime warranty for their product, which show that they are confident in their pipe’s quality.

#2 Best weed pipe for high-tech smoker:  Genius TOP Secret Steath

It’s named Genius for a reason, this pipe has one-of-a-kind design with high technology construction. The pipe includes three pieces metal, what makes it is ideal for smokers who want to be covert or convenient to smoke on the go. Heat-resistant magnets connect the two main pieces together. They include a proprietary air conditioning technology on the inside that reduces the temperature of your smoke and prevents any contaminants from entering your lungs.

You can easily clean pop open and clean these two pieces by soaking them in boiling water or wiping them down with alcohol and wipes. The last piece serves as a cover that can be slid into or out of the bowl to show it. Simply slide the lid up, fill it up with cannabis, take your hit, and close it again to use the Genius Pipe. Nobody will realize you’ve had a weed pipe.

#3 Best Premium Weed Pipe: Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Wood Spoon Pipe

Marley Natural provides a premium product crafted from refined black walnut wood and hand-blow borosilicate glass, assuring longevity, ease of upkeep, and premium style. The Marley Natural Spoon Pipe is a classic style smoking pipe that made of the highest quality materials.

The device will fit perfectly in your hand thanks to its ergonomically construction, while the rounded stem and deep heat-resistant glass bowl provide constant pulls for a pleasant smoking feeling. This is travel-friendly device due to the removable pieces. The Spoon Pipe is a great smoking gadget that is portable enough to take anyplace. The only issue of this pipe is that the price is a bit high, but it is a best premium cannabis pipe.

#4 Best Pocket Size Weed Pipe: Snoop Dogg Pounds Friendship Hand Pipe

The Pounds Friendship Hand Pipe is one of the most stunning device in the Snoop Dogg collection. This hand pipe by Snoop Dogg is a terrific product to use when you’re outside with pals or you just stay at home and want a quick hit. This pipe is made of the absolute best quality borosilicate glass, and it is measured 5 inches in length, making it the perfect size to take on your travels, it is small enough and portable.

It is designed with the large bowl, which can hold a lot of herb, and the inbuilt honeycomb screen prevents dust and debris from entering your lung. The carb hole has been moved to the left side of the bowl for a more managed impact. The bowl’s bottom has an inclined shape that prevents it from tipping over. The flattened mouthpiece produces a more comfortable hit for the lungs and throat.

#5 Best affordable weed pipe: Grav Classic Spoon

if budget is your main concern when looking for the weed pipe, The Grav 4-inch mini is a compact pipe that packs a heavy blow at a very reasonable price. This budget glass pipe is a terrific method to receive power packed THC dosages at a minimal cost that is about $19 if you desire efficient weed smoking.

Not only the price, one more thing I love about this smoking device is that this little cannabis pipe was completely undetectable and highly portable. It can fit perfectly into the pocket while the bigger the weed pipes are more difficult to smoke in secret. Grav Classic Spoon allow you to smoke discreetly. You can carry this pipe everywhere you go.

Besides, this compact pipe still has the large capacity. Grav design the pipe with the same size smoking bowl with other pipes, however, this one is still only 4 inches length in total.

#6 Best weed pipe for smoking on-the-go: Session Goods Pipe

Session Goods Pipe is a smoking accessory that is specially intended to let you relax in elegance. This is a small, attractive device that you can take along with you everywhere you go. This convenient pipe is made to hold a full bowl and keep the ash from dropping out, so it can be taken whenever you are on-the-go. The black-tinted tapered glass used is high quality borosilicate glass and 2.5 mm thick. The silicone sleeve that comes with it, on the other hand, comes in seven different colors. The silicon sleeve comes in 7 colors. The sleeve and pipe also can be used as a keychain since it has a metal ring which you can easily attach to your belt and carry with you all the time.

#7 Bets Aesthetic weed pipe: Chameleon Glass Gandalf Pipe

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this one-of-a-kind device in this list of the greatest cannabis pipes. But you will get more than just a novelty device; it’s far sturdier than it appears, and it can sustain falls without being broke.

The unusually long and thin spout is the source of this pipe’s name. Beside its aesthetic value, the long spout also serves a useful purpose. It works to cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth, but the spout can do more that this feature. People love this pipe as it can progressively change colors as you smoke through it, which is why it is called the chameleon.

But the color shift isn’t simply the gray of smokes, it has a lovely hue that transforms this pipe into a work of art. The color of this pipe will revert once you clean it, it also warns you to clean the pipe frequently.

#8 Best weed pipe for Potent Hits: Grav Hammer Bubbler

If you’re a seasoned cannabis user and you want to upgrade your smoking experience to the higher level, Grav Hammer Bubbler is what you should consider. The water pipes style like this one are only for professionals. This type of pipe will products cool clean draws. Its deep chamber demands a spray of water as Hammer Bubbler cools each draw by dispersing smoke through water while also sifting out contaminants before you smoke it. Due to that, you can take hard-hitting drags without having to cough up a lung.

The GRAV Hammer Bubbler may also be used separately. Between uses, you can place it down on any flat surface and do not need to worry that it rolling away and breaking. In addition, with its sturdy and solid handed shape, it’s relatively durable and simple to handle

#9 Best durable weed pipe: Pyptek Prometheus Titan

if you’re searching for a long-lasting, sturdy, and dependable weed pipe, Pyptek Prometheus Titan is absolutely the great option to go for. This glass pipe is made of aircraft-grade aluminum cover and comes in a variety of colors. I love the sleek modern design of Prometheus Pipe as it not only looks fantastic but also delivers the clean hit I expect from a glass pipe and with the durability of metal materials.

The greatest quality materials were used to create this pipe, aside from an anodized aluminum shell, it also features borosilicate glass interior, which ensure this pipe will last for a lifetime. It is an easy work to clean the pipe because all of its sections can be disassembled and properly cleaned with hot water or alcohol. Shock absorbers suspend the internal glass pipe within the metal shell, making it extremely difficult to shatter. Although its price ($139) is relatively expensive, keep in mind that you are receiving an almost indestructible pipe that is easy to clean and always gives superb hits.

#10 Best weed pipe for beginners: HØJ KØL

This may not the cheapest weed pipe on the market but HØJ KØL pipe is absolutely one of the easiest to use, high technology and also easiest to clean smoking accessories. The sleek, modest design of this pipe won’t make you disappoint. Many users review that KØL is greatly easy to use.

Thanks to KØL’s technologically advanced features, smoke is filtered before you consume it, resulting in a more pleasant feeling with less coughing and more absorbing. It comes with the ergonomically design of it is simply the combination two magnetic aluminum pieces, which can be easy to detached for cleaning.


Weed Pipes are currently available in various of materials, from silicone to glass to metal, with a range of features. The best cannabis pipe is the one that best suits your lifestyle and also your personal preferences. After reading this article, if you are still confused about these products, you should consider the editor pick – BudBomb XL Metal Hand Pipe. Whether you are looking for a pipe to use on travels or a pipe for daily use, this one would satisfy you. It is designed for not only a nice look but also provides a cleaner and cooler smoke. It produces a smooth smoke like you are using a vape and give you a gentle smoking experience.

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