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Top 5 Best Quantum Led Grow Lights 2021

Some of the best quantum led grow lights are discussed here in detail which can give you necessary information for buying grow lights for your indoor grow rooms.

Top 5 Quantum led grow lights 2021

1. Spider Farmer SF 1000

As its name indicates, it really looks like a hanging spider in your grow room. Spider farmer SF 1000 is the best among quantum led grow lights. Its lamp produces very high quality light that is very beneficial to you plant’s life.

It comes with following benefits:

2. Spider Farmer SF 4000

Spider farmer SF 400 is more powerful among quantum led grow lights and it brings more power to grow more plants at one time. It is a better version of spider farmer SF 100 group of quantum grow lights. This model of spider farmer will increase the grow area to about 6 x 6 and it can grow 3-4 plants very easily.

This quantum grow light has following benefits

3. HLG 550 V2 R Quantum Board LED Grow light

HLG 550 V2 quantum board grow light is the product of very popular manufacturer, HLG. This is one of the best among quantum grow LED Lights in our opinion. HLG is famous for its indoor grow lights; they also sell a variety of quantum board kits so you can customize your indoor grow lights.

HLG V2 550 Quantum LED grow have following features:

4. Maxsisun Brand 2020 Model PB 2000 LED Grow Light

LED quantum Grow Lights of Maxsisun is good for indoor growing. Maxsisun PB 2000 LED is designed to light up an area of 3 x 3 for flowering and 3.5 x 4 for vegetation. It comes with control of witching on/off red and blue light as required during different phases of marijuana growth.

Maxsisun PB 2000 Grow light has following features:

5. Maxsisun Brand 2020 Model PB 4000 LED Grow Light

Maxsisun PB 4000is also a product of famous Maxsisun manufacturer which cover an area of 4 x 4 for flowering phase of plants growth and  5 x 5 for vegetative growth stage.

Maxsisun PB 4000 is best among broad spectrum quantum grow lights which comes with


Quantum Led grow lights are not as game changing as the LED grow lights were, but it is a step forward in the technology. While quantum led grow lights may not be the best choice for every application increase harvest in indoor growing, but still these grow lights are useful for other large number of applications.

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