Should You Purchase On Glass Aquarium In Fish Pet Shop Near Me?

Whether you buy a fish tank online or in fish pet shop near me, you may see that glass is one of the most common materials. People prefer to use a glass tank not only due to its traditional style but also because of a lots of benefits that it brings.

So is glass a good material for a fish tank? This pose will help you choose the best aquarium starter kits.

The pros of choosing glass fish tank

Glass is quite cheap:

As you can see at fish near me pet, in comparison with the same size acrylic fish tank, the glass tank is much more affordable. This is not because acrylic is more durable and has superior quality. This is because the glass fish tank is a lot easier to deliver so it takes less cost.

Scratch resistance:

The acrylic tank is difficult to deliver because it does not have the ability to resist scratch, it also can get scratch when you ship it from fish pet store near me to your home. Meanwhile, glass seems to be getting on this job very well.

You can use the glass tank without worry about making it scratch and do not have to be very aware while cleaning your tank.


After a long time of using, glass still keeps the transparency of it as long as you wipe the tank frequently. There is also no chemical reaction between the glass and the lights for a long time which may happen if you using acrylic.


Glass is durable and strong enough to against the sudden change of weather or temperature surrounding. It can even against most accidental of breaking or cracking as long as you do not hurl it with heavy things or deliberately break it.

The drawbacks of glass fish tank

Less of shape:

Although there are curved front glass aquariums available now. But you still cannot find much of interesting designs of glass in fish pet stores near me as acrylic tank. Because glass is more difficult to sags or sculpts


Glass is thickness, so it is so much heavier about 4-10 times than the acrylic tank with the same size.


We all know that glass refract rays of light. So through the glass, you cannot see the accurate location, colors and size of your fish.

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