Buying Guide: Best Scope for Ruger Mini 30

A Ruger mini 30 riffle is currently one of the most advanced hunting rifles on the market. But you can still maximize its performance using a reliable mini 30 scope. When taking part in shooting competitions, or your ordinary hunting day, only the best scope for mini 30 will deliver the performance you expect.

An excellent scope is one that you are comfortable with even in dim lighting conditions. Because of the variety of Ruger mini 30 scopes on the market, it might be challenging to select one that will work for your needs. Criteria that you can use to define the right scope for you should consider:

#1 Magnification

Choosing the correct magnification for your mini 30 scope will depend on your hunting style. Some individuals prefer shooting long-range targets using full-scale magnification. Others are satisfied with a lower range. Noting the scale of magnification will enable you to avoid disappointments whenever you are using your Ruger mini 30.

#2 Clarity

Clarity has everything to do with hitting your target. When sampling the best scope for mini 30, clarity is essential. A Ruger mini 30 scope with a large objective lens will perform reasonably well even in dim lighting. If you are uncomfortable with the size, you can opt for a smaller lens that is enhanced for better performance.

#3 Build and durability

Ruger mini 30 scopes come in different sizes. Large tubes mean more adjustment options due to more room. The type of construction material and its durability is also an essential factor because higher quality will serve you for a longer time.


A high-quality Ruger mini 30 scope has a robust construction with quality features. Additional features like water and fog proofing can be crucial for specific environments. As long as you consider why and where you are using your Ruger mini 30, selecting the best scope will be simple.

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