4 Best ways to heat up tamales at home

Mexico has a delicacy listed by CNN on the list of unique holiday dishes in countries, which is called Tamales.

Tamales impress at first glance the outer casing. With pale yellow color and many stripes running along the side, the material of the Tamales cake package is the corn husk, which is almost thrown away in most other countries.

Thanks to the re-use of the corn husk, Tamales is very easy to attract attention to foreign customers. So that Tamles are sold in many places by storing in the refrigerator.

To keep tamles with the best taste, you need to know about the best way to heat up tamales below:

Note: I need to keep all the corn husks before heating tamales up.

#1 Reheat tamales in a steamer

Heating tamales with a steamer is a method that can retain the original flavor of tamales, and it also achieves the best moisture.

This method can be time-consuming, but the results will satisfy you the most.

How to warm up tamales with a steamer is also very simple. You just need to pour a moderate amount of water into the steamer, put the tamales on and wait some minutes.

The time to warm up tamales with a steamer is about 20 minutes for tamales stored in the refrigerator, and 30 minutes for tamales stored in the freezer.

#2 Reheat tamales in a microwave

Heating tamales by microwave is the most time-saving method. You only need 30 seconds for defrosted tamales and about 3 minutes for frozen tamales.

Before you heat the tamales in the microwave, wrap it in a wet kitchen paper, which will help prevent the tamales from drying out and heat up faster. This is the best way to microwave tamales.

#3  Reheat tamales in an oven

Reheating tamales with the oven will provide a crispy and fragrant crust for tamales.

This will help keep the tamales from drying out but is quite time-consuming. You need about 15-20 minutes to reheat the tamales with the oven.

The procedure is similar to microwave heating but longer.

#4 Reheat tamales in a pot

Heating tamales by boiling in a pot is also a popular method. This method is also quite simple when you just need to fill the tamales with water, then turn down the heat to low when the water has boiled.

Boil for 10 minutes then turns off the heat. However, you should note that do not unpack the tamales when boiled to avoid tamales getting too wet.

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