Best Guinea Pig Cages: Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus VS. Living World Deluxe Habitat

If you planning to get your guinea pig home, choosing the best guinea pig cages can be a bit challenging due to hundreds of options in the market.

In order to ensure your pets will live a long, healthy, happy life and feel comfortable in their home, do not make a hurried decision.

Base on some basic factors that guinea pigs will require in their cage, these following are two recommendation cages that you should consider to get as habitat for guinea pigs: Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus VS. Living World Deluxe Habitat.

#1  Spacious Cage

Generally, each single guinea pig should be provided at least 7,5 feet square.  If you want to keep a couple of guinea pigs, it is preferable to provide them with 10,5 square feet of space.

Midwest Guinea Pig habitat will provide your guinea pigs plenty of room. It measures 47 x 124 x 14 inches with the living area coming in 8 square feet. With this space, you can keep about two guinea pigs at max.

Living World Deluxe Habitat is available in three different sizes. The standard and large models provide the space for only one guinea pig. But the X-Large model measures 46 8/9 x 22 4/5 x 24 inches that suitable for a couple of guinea pigs.

#2 Easy to clean

You have to frequently clean your guinea pig bedding to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria on the cage surfaces. The best way to save your time and effort in cleaning is by choosing the cage material that easy to clean.

Midwest cage has been stated to be very durable and leak-proof as well. It includes the PVC-lined canvas panels for the bottom, wall and top of the cage. These PVC-lined is leak-proof and can be able to remove which makes the cage easy to maintain.

Living World Deluxe Habitat includes two parts, with the upper part of the cage is the metal frame and the bottom part is plastic. These two parts are easy to assemble or disassemble when you need to clean the cage.

#3 Added Features

The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus has two rooms. The room can be closed to keep separate for your pets or you can open the door to give your guinea pigs more space to walk around. Two-room are linked by a ramp.

Living World offers an elevated balcony and an open space at the bottom, where your guinea pigs can use as hiding space when they feel stress.

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